Privacy Filters for Monitors , Laptops, and Phones

Give your device an additional layer of protection and privacy with our wide array of privacy filters that will suit every need and screen type. We have framed and frameless filters for touch screen, wide screen, full screen, and standard monitors. Also available are custom cut filters that will perfectly fit your device’s monitor so you maximize its features. These filters black out views outside the 60-degree viewing angle so you can work without worries concerning data privacy and lurkers. Consider touch privacy filters for thin devices, with this ultra-responsive filter, you get to enjoy the touch screen experience while protecting your device from dust and scratches. High clarity filters offer a optimum level of glossy clarity for crisp viewing experience. Apart from the standard black out, also available is the classy gold effect that projects a gold shield outside the viewing angle. Checkout the COMPLY Attachment System for screen sharing options. Scroll through our selection and surely find the filter that will suit you best.
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