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Fletcher Terry F3100 Multi-Material Cutter

You can increase your frame or sign shop's production and efficiency significantly with just one machine. Don't believe us? Read on! The Fletcher-Terry F3100 Multi-Material Cutter is specifically designed to cut various materials quickly and accurately. From acrylic to glass, foam board and hardboard, plastics and PVC, the machine can cut and score your materials in an easy and efficient way. You can mount it on a wall or on a stand that is sold separately and start transforming your business today. Need utility blades / rail cutter blades for your Fletcher-Terry systems? We have them here in packs of 100 or 1000.
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  1. Fletcher-Terry F3100 63 Inch Multi-Material Cutter Image 1
    • Spring loaded cutting head assembly with interchangeable pillar post.
    • Material clamp covers the entire machine to prevent buckling and shifting of material.
    • Cutting head rides on high tensile strength steel, hard chrome plated and polished.
    • Max Cut Length: 63"

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  2. Fletcher-Terry 2200 Utility Blade / Rail Cutter Blades Image 1
    • Replaces the traditional method of straight edge and knife
    • Type: Replacement Blade
    • For Use With: 2200 Mat Cutters,Titan Cutters, Gemini Pro Cutters, F3100 Cutter and Alta99 Cutter
    • Comes in Box of 100 and Pack of 1000 replacement utility/rail cutter blades
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