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MyBinding.com is one of the world's leading online retailers for binding equipment, supplies, laminators, shredders, and more. As such, MyBinding.com regularly releases news articles and press releases regarding developments in the industry of binding, laminating, and document finishing products, news about the company itself, MyBinding.com, and much more. Over the past few years, MyBinding.com has released thousands of articles, product reviews, product descriptions, and even shopping tips for the book binding and office industry. Recently, MyBinding.com released a blog to host all of these articles, product reviews, and more. If you'd like to stay informed with the press releases from MyBinding.com, check back here periodically for countless news and information on binding equipment, supplies, laminators, and much more.


Press Releases


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If you have questions about MyBinding.com, our parent company Information Management Services LLC., or any of the products that we carry, please call us toll free at 1-800-944-4573 or email us at sales@mybinding.com.