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As an established partner with government agencies for nearly two decades, we understand your unique business requirements. At MyBinding, our mission is to service your organization —whether federal, state, or local— in a way that works for you. We understand that the way you operate is often shaped by the Administration, Congress, world events, budget, and technology, which is why we provide a dedicated Government Accounts Advisor to exclusively handle our government organization partnerships. Michelle has been working directly with government agencies for over 15 years, offering unmatched expertice as your advocate for stragetic business objectives and office solutions.

Meet Michelle Velasco

Michelle's promise: 

"As your Government Accounts Advisor, I am dedicated to supporting and advising government clients, no matter how big or small your department may be. I have more than 15 years of experience working with and understanding government accounts' unique needs. When you bring your business to, you're not just getting the best products and prices, you're getting superior customer service from start to finish. I'd be happy to connect and discuss how MyBinding can help your team with your binding, shredding, and data destruction solutions. Please use the buttons below to contact me."

Michelle Velasco, Government Accounts Advisor
503-207-0921  |  [email protected]

How We're Different

We keep our top-selling government SKUs in stock in our West and East Coast distribution centers for fast shipping on most items.

We offer a flexible invoicing schedule on an as-needed basis to accomodate our government clients and their unique billing requirements.

Our experience, devoted customer care, and world-class product partnerships ensure that you get the best, with every order.

Popular with Government Clients

We carry a vast selection of government office supplies and equipment for various volumes, guaranteed to meet nearly every need. Whether you're looking for a high security shredder, mountiang boards, binding spines, report covers, or custom identification products, MyBinding can help. In addition to our stocked products, we offer customized products, including ID lanyards, binding covers, index tab dividers, and more, most of which can be personalized with insignia and metallic foil. Browse some of the products that are most popular with our government partners below. 

At, we value the relationships we have with our customers, including the many government agencies we've been working with for more than 15 years. We hope to continue faithfully serving federal, state, and local government organizations for many more years to come. Our Government Sales Specialist Michelle Velasco If you have any questions, our dedicated Government Sales Specialist, Michelle, will be more than happy to assist you.

Our Government Sales Specialist

If you are with a government entity and have any questions about pricing or service, please contact our Government Sales Specialist, Michelle Velasco. Michelle is dedicated to serving her customers, ensuring they get the best products for the best price. In fact, here's her promise:

"I want to provide you with the best experience possible, so when you bring your business to, you're not just getting the best products and prices, you're getting superior customer service. My only goal is to make sure getting the products and services you need is both easy and affordable."

       Michelle Velasco, Government Sales Specialist
       1-503-207-0921  |  [email protected]


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