Finishing Equipment

Finishing Equipment

All the equipment you need to put those finishing touches onto your book binding projects, booklets,, and other graphics. From binding to shipping, we have all the machines and supplies you need.

Folding and Creasing

Perfectly fold your pages automatically with a variety of fold types. Crease your printed pages to avoid cracking and unsightly fold lines.

Cutting and Trimming

Cut paper, banners, foamboards, PVC, and more with the appropriate cutting machine. Find precisions trimmers, automated machines, and budget friendly general cutters.

Stapling, Stitching and Padding

Whether you need to staple pages for school or the office, or you need to hold booklets together, we have a professional stapling machine for you. Create notepads with a padding press, and always stay stocked with compound.

Paper Drills and Hold Punches

Punch holes in your pages for binding books, organizing ring binders, and to hold ID badges.

Foiling Equipment

Create your own foil stamped business cards, invitations, greeting cards, certificates, etc. Imprint a foiled design or text anywhere on a project with a hot stamp, or fuse foil onto a laser printing with a foil fuser.

Framing Tools

High-quality and versatile, these Framing Tools and Supplies will help you create frames quickly and to a professional standard. We carry a comprehensive range of products, to suit any need .

Finishing Equipment Accessories

Shop accessories for your equipment. Pads, ink, attachments, and other supplies to keep your machines running efficiently.