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GBC Proclick Binding Machines

GBC developed the Proclick binding style to provide an elegant professional and editable option to companies for their reports and presentations. These systems use the same 3:1 pitch pattern as twin loop wire but need slightly larger holes to allow the pages to turn freely. The machines on this page punch the pages of your documents. After the punching is complete you simply insert the pages onto the spine and snap it shut. Bound documents can be easily edited using a zipper tool or pen to open the spine and the loops can be snapped back together after pages have been added or removed. We carry personal, manual and electric units for Proclick binding. Plus we carry the P75 which is used to automate the closing process. In the past we carried the P2000 and P3000 however both units were discontinued in 2013 and are no longer available. However, we still carry the supplies for both systems and all of the other systems on this page.
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  1. GBC P210E Electric Proclick Binding Machine - 7708180  Image 1
    • Punch Method: Electric
    • Punching Capacity: 15 Sheets (20lb Bond) Per Punch.
    • Max Document Thickness: 110 Sheets (5/8" Thick)
    • Document Size: 11"

    Was: $599.00

    Your Price: $412.32

    You Save: 31%

  2. ProClick P50 32-Hole Paper Punch GBC Image 1
    • Ideal for infrequent usage or on-the-go binding and editing
    • Punches standard and oversized covers
    • 6 sheet punch capacity
    • 1 year manufacturer warranty

    Was: $143.69

    Your Price: $76.31

    You Save: 47%

  3. GBC P110 Manual Proclick Binding Machine - 7708185 Image 1
    • Perfect for small offices that bind on a monthly basis
    • ProClick allows for easy editing
    • 15 sheet punch capacity
    • 1 year manufacturer warranty

    Was: $477.84

    Your Price: $254.05

    You Save: 47%

  4. GBC P75 ProClick Spine Closer and Finisher - 7708146 Image 1
    • Makes finishing your documents quick and easy
    • Extra built-in storage for spines and editing tool
    • Designed for use of all three sizes of spines
    • 1 year manufacturer warranty

    Was: $139.94

    Your Price: $50.00

    You Save: 64%

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