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Ghent Phantom Lined Whiteboards

These Ghent Phantom Lined Whiteboards are the perfect teaching and presentation tool. The fine grid lines are not visible from afar, but help the user draw or write more accurately, whether it's a graph, a chart, or penmanship exercises. Choose from the non-magnetic melamine or the acrylic enamel steel surface that will accept magnets; both types of boards come with an amazing 20 year guarantee. The scratch and stain resistant finish will ensure that your new whiteboard will look like new for a very long time. Order one today to enjoy our incredibly low prices and the quality of these Ghent products!
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  1. Phantom Line Magnetic Whiteboard 24 Inch x 36 Inch w/ 2 Inchx2 Inch Grid Pattern Image 1
    • Size: 24" x 36"
    • Surface Material: Painted Steel
    • Frame Material: Aluminum
    • Magnetic: Yes

    Was: $134.00

    Your Price: $65.69

    You Save: 51%

  2. Phantom Line Non-magnetic Aluminum Grid Markerboard Image 1
    • 4 popular sizes available
    • Perfect for drawing graphs, and charts
    • Subtle gridmarkings
    • 20-year guarantee
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    Phantom Line 3'x4' Non-magnetic Aluminum Grid MarkerboardPLM3-34-0

    Was: $212.00

    Your Price: $104.59

    You Save: 51%

    Phantom Line 4'x4' Non-magnetic Aluminum Grid MarkerboardPLM3-44-0

    Was: $324.00

    Your Price: $160.49

    You Save: 50%

    Phantom Line 4'x6' Non-magnetic Aluminum Grid MarkerboardPLM3-46-0

    Was: $432.00

    Your Price: $213.73

    You Save: 51%

    Phantom Line 4'x8' Non-magnetic Aluminum Grid MarkerboardPLM3-48-0

    Was: $578.00

    Your Price: $286.53

    You Save: 50%

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