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Standard Paper Folders

Here at MyBinding we have products to suit all your paper folding needs and we made sure to select only the best from Standard. These professional paper folders are all made with various features and advantages, so make sure you read more about them below to find the one that will match your organization's requirements. Whether you need the fast and silent PF-P280 Automatic Paper Folder that can half fold in one pass with other folding types in two passes, or if you want the more sophisticated EF-35 Suction Feed Paper Folder with a vast range of state-of-the-art features, we have them both and many more in between!
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  1. Standard PF-40L Auto Suction Feed Tabletop Folder with Stand
    • Quick and Easy Setup.
    • Simple Operation Panel.
    • High Performance Suction Rotor Feeding.
    • High Capacity Feeder.

    Was: $13,995.00

    Your Price: $12,595.50

    You Save: 10%

  2. Standard PF-P280 Automatic Paper Folder Image 1
    • Unique Design: The PF-P280 has a single fold plate horizontally positioned under the feed table to reduce machine noise and minimize space requirements.
    • Economical. Simple. Quiet. Compact: In simplifying the multitude of automatic folding styles offered on higher-priced folders, the PF-P280 focuses on doing one thing exceptionally well.
    • Simple Maintenance: You can easily change the feed roller and separator pad. Tool-less removal of the fold roller makes cleaning or replacement a simple task.
    • Folding Patterns: Half Fold with one pass. Letter Fold, Z-Fold, Double Parallel, Gate Fold and Engineering Fold with two passes.

    Was: $2,120.00

    Your Price: $1,908.00

    You Save: 10%

  3. Standard PF-P3100 Dial-A-Fold Desktop Paper Folder Image 1
    • Simplicity and Performance: The PF-P3100's innovative LED assisted manual set-up makes selecting between six preset standard folds and four common paper sizes fast and easy.
    • Selecting A Fold: The PF-P3100 offers six standard folds: letter, z-fold, gate, half, engineering, and double parallel for each of the four preset paper sizes.
    • Preset Fold Formats: Letter Fold, Half Fold, Double Parallel Fold, Engineering Fold, Z-Fold, Gate Fold
    • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

    Was: $3,595.00

    Your Price: $3,235.50

    You Save: 10%

  4. Standard PF-P330 Desktop Air Feed Automatic Set Up Paper Folder Image 1
    • Simple Operation: The operator can quickly select from four standard preset sheet sizes and six popular fold patterns all with push button simplicity.
    • Revolutionary Paper Feed System: At the heart of the PF-P330 is a patented rotary vacuum-pulse feed system that delivers extraordinary paper feed reliability. Importantly, it simplifies operation by virtually eliminating feed adjustments.
    • Preset Fold Formats: Letter Fold, Half Fold, Double Parallel Fold, Engineering Fold, Z-Fold, Gate Fold
    • Programmable Memory Function: There are ten programmable memory settings for custom folds. The preset counter can be set to stop at a specific batch quantity with the 10-digit keypad.

    Was: $7,050.00

    Your Price: $6,345.00

    You Save: 10%

  5. Standard Horizon EF-35 Suction Feed Paper Folder Image 1
    • Innovative Feed System: A dual-pump system and adaptable feed controls provide superior paper feed control and performance.
    • Precision Folding: Using a combination of rubber and steel folding rollers with a selfcompensating gap mechanism, the EF-35 creates a positive grip control on each sheet producing exceptional fold consistency and quality.
    • Sound Reduction and Control: Standard with the EF-35 is a heavy-duty castor-mounted stand and sound enclosures for the fold plates. The two pumps are housed within the stand for increased sound reduction and easy repositioning of the EF-35.
    • State of the Art Features: A built in digital batch counter, jam detection and adjustable speed controls for the paper feed and exit conveyor, add to the versatility of the EF-35.

    Was: $9,775.00

    Your Price: $8,797.50

    You Save: 10%

  6. Standard Horizon PF-P3200 Automated Paper Folder
    • Automatic Setup with Simple Operation.
    • High-speed Folding - 240 sheets/min.
    • Short Make-ready.
    • Selective Speed Mode for Comfortable Operation.

    Was: $6,025.00

    Your Price: $5,422.50

    You Save: 10%

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