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Manual Table Top Slot Punch With Adjustable Centering Guides
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Manual Table Top Slot Punch With Adjustable Centering Guides

Manual Table Top Slot Punch With Adjustable Centering Guides

Part #: 3943-1510
Brand: MyBinding
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This high quality manual table top slot punch includes a sturdy metal base with rubber non-skid feet to help give you the leverage that you need to punch thicker badges and materials. The hardened steel dies utilized by this machine allow you to punch cards that are up to 60mil thick. That is almost twice as thick as most hand held slot punches can handle. This unit features fully adjustable guides for vertical or horizontal centering allowing you to place the slot exactly where you need it on your badge or card. This manual table top slot punch is ideal for heavy duty punching of laminated badges, PVC cards, business cards and promotional items.

Product Details

  • Type: Table Top Slot Punch
  • Slot Size: 1/8" x 9/16" (3mm x 14.3mm)
  • Centering Guides: Yes
  • Construction: Steel
  • Application: Professional
  • Part Number: 3943-1510, P-12
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


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Reviewed on 9/3/2015

Great quality Review by South S.

This slot punch is heavy duty and made of steel. There are no plastic parts. The only drawback is that there is nothing underneath the catch the pieces that are punched out. Overall it is very well constructed.

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Manual Table Top Slot Punch With Adjustable Centering Guides Review

Hand held slot punches are a great tool for companies making ID cards in house. But for organizations creating high quantities of badges, the Manual Table Top Slot Punch is an excellent device. It offers high quality design built for professional use. With a convenient, adjustable guide and sturdy metal construction, this is one tool to think twice about. Here are the details.


  • The solid design of this device adds to the professional quality. It has a sturdy metal base with rubber non-skid feet. The feet keep it from moving around during punches, providing more available leverage. Hardened steel construction allow it to provide heavy duty punching, handling thicker badges and materials.

  • The centering guide offers extra convenience. It is fully adjustable for both horizontal and vertical centering, providing added functionality. The guide can also lock into place and guarantees correct alignment every time. It's especially helpful when punching a large volume of the same item. You'll save time by not having to eyeball each punch and every item will come out crisply precise.

  • Though this isn't a heavy device, it does need a solid surface for use. This makes it ideal to sit on a security desk or table in an environment where many badges are created each day.

  • Solid steel components can slice through laminated badges, PVC cards, business cards, and promotional items up to 60mil thick. That's almost twice what most hand held devices can manage. The heavy duty punching is great for more industrial use and higher volume punching.

  • The slot size produced is compatible with industry standards at 3mm by 14mm. This size is perfect for attachment via plastic strap clips, retractable badge reels, and neck lanyards. It also works with luggage tags, ID badges, key cards, and name tags.

  • The manufacturer backs up this device with a one year warranty.


  • This device requires a solid surface for optimum punching. While it isn't locked down onto a desk or tabletop, it works best when pressed against a firm surface. This seriously cuts down on the portability offered. Even so, it only weighs about four pounds and wouldn't be a pain to carry over to a table or desk. We don't think this will be much of an issue for most users.

  • There isn't a chip tray to catch the remnants. Since it's designed for use on a table, the pieces could easily be swept into the wastebasket after use. While there still is the potential for tiny chads to litter your office, it is easily avoided and won't be a problem for most.

  • Though offering heavy duty punching, use is still manual. Again, most offices won't find this to be a problem. But businesses requiring high volume card punching may prefer an electric device for speedy accuracy, which would save both time and money.

As you can see from the many strengths, the Manual Table Top Slot Punch is a great device for heavy duty applications. The added leverage and convenient centering guide would benefit schools, hospitals, businesses, security desks, and any other operation where ID badges are made daily. It's perfect for making key cards, name tags, and luggage ID labels. We think the Manual Table Top Slot Punch is an excellent addition to any office.

Questions & Answers
Who's the original manufacture of this item? I've seen this on many sites each claiming it to be their own.
Asked by Paul
Thank you for your questions. We are unable to confirm who the inventor of the Table Top Slot Punch is but this particular model is from a company named Brady People ID.

Answered by MyBinding 3 months ago
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