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Best-Rite 8' x 1" Ash Colored Cork Bulletin Board Map Rails - 6pk

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Item# 522H-07
Key Features


Turn any empty wall into a display area with our versatile and durable Best-Rite 8' x 1" Ash Colored Cork Map Rails. The rails are ideal for hallways, classrooms, offices, or libraries, and can be mounted individually, or attached to an existing markerboard for added versatility. Available in 1" or 2" heights, the map rail consists of an anodized aluminum extrusion framing a 1/4" thick ash colored cork insert that is resilient and self healing. Optional accessories are available, and include hook clips, flag holders, map winders, and end stops.

Product Details

  • Durable map rails turn any empty wall space into instant display space.
  • Also available in up to 12" long and 2" high map rails
  • Extrusion is anodized aluminum.
  • Sold in sets of six.
  • Optional accessories are available: (Hook clips, flag holders, map winders, and end stops)

Item Specifications

  • Size:8' Long and 1" High
  • Surface:Ash Colored Cork
  • Frame:Aluminum
  • Accessories:Hook clips, Map winders, Flag holders, end stops (all optional)
  • Features:Maprails, Self healing surface
  • Part Number:522H-07

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