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Dahle is known worldwide for their high quality shredders and paper trimmers.
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A subsidiary of Dahle Burotechnik GmbH of Coburg Germany, Dahle North America is a fully integrated manufacturer and distributor of business machines and office products such as Paper Handling Equipment, Paper Shredders, Guillotine Cutters, and more. They are known worldwide for their high quality shredders and paper trimmers and they helped to revolutionize the world of sharpening in the 1960's when it introduced a revolutionary new sharpening system. Ever since, Dahle has been one of the world's leading producers of scissors, shears, paper cutters, rolling trimmers, shredders, and more. Perfect for any sized business ranging from small print and copy shops and binderies all the way up to corporate sized industrial organizations, Dahle paper handling equipment offers an easy way to save time and money. Ensuring that your business demands are met in the simplest, most productive manner, Dahle offers machines capable of handling nearly any job you have for it with ease. If time and productivity are important for your business, Dahle has a commitment to helping you obtain the best possible production for your organization. MyBinding.com is proud to bring the full Dahle line of products directly to you. We offer a wide range of their paper handling machines including paper cutters, rotary trimmers, paper shredders, and more specifically designed for your business to stay productive. If you or your business is in need of any paper handling machine or paper shredder, you have come to the right place. Check out all of the amazing equipment we at MyBinding.com are proud to present from Dahle.