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A hard drive contains or can contain much more sensitive information than a single sheet a paper, or even a book for that matter. In today's world, hard drives are easy to access without properly destroying them. Destroyit offers a solution to this problem, their very own line of digital media shredders. With quiet and user friendly operation, these machines are practical in small, medium, or large size offices, especially those dealing with multitudes of digital information. An impressive warranty, safety features, and quality engineering, just a few of the advantages of going with a trusted name brand in the industry such as Destroyit.
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  1. MBM Destroyit Hard Drive Degausser

    • Magnetically degausses hard drives from PCs, laptops, notebooks, printers, copiers, and PDAs.
    • Erases hard drives (laptop, desktop, and network up to 1 1⁄2 inches high) and high coercivity tape media, including all formats of LTO, Super DLT I and II, AIT, 3590 Series, 8 mm and more.
    • Fast, 60 second cycle time.
    • High field strength and encompassing magnetic field ensure data is completely erased and non-recoverable, regardless of operating system or interface.
    Call for Quote 1-800-944-4573
  2. MBM Destroyit Degausser and Hard Drive Punch

    • Magnetically degausses hard drives from PCs, laptops, notebooks, printers, copiers, and PDAs, then punches a hole through the drive, destroying it irreparably.
    • A slider mechanism drops the degaussed and punched drive into the enclosed bin to await proper disposal.
    • High quality wooden cabinet mounted on casters
    • Anti-static collection bin made of impact-resistant plastic
    Call for Quote 1-800-944-4573
  3. Destroyit 0101 Hard Drive Punch - HDP0101

    • Punches a hole completely through the hard drive, making it unreadable
    • Suitable for 2 1/2" and 3 1/2" drives (single feed)
    • Adjustable feed chute made of high quality steel
    • Handy slide lever for easy selection of hard drive size
    Part #: HDP0101


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3 Items

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