Graphic Whizard Automatic Pile Feeders

In businesses, speed means productivity. Increase productivity by speeding up the feeding process with these pile feeders from These machines easily align to feed a wide range of machines. Capable of feeding up to 10,000 sheets per hour, this machine features an ample pile height capacity. Automate and reap the rewards that come with speed!

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  1. Graphic Whizard PT-330PF Automatic Pile Feeder

    • Speed: 4,500 sph
    • Maximum Stock Size: 13"x 25.5" / 33.02 cm x 64.77 cm
    • Stock Weight: 150-350 gsm
    • Feeder: 4" vacuum pile feed
    Part #: PT-330PF


  2. Graphic Whizard PT-520PF Automatic Pile Feeder

    • Increase productivity by automating the feeding process.
    • Easily aligns with precise registration to feed a wide range of machines.
    • Variable speed, 500-10,000 sheets per hour
    • Top suction belt feeder
    Part #: PT-520PF


2 Items

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