Apollo Transparency Films
Designed to work with most office copiers, laser printers or ink jet printers, these Apollo Transparency Films are great way to enhance the look of your presentations. There are many types of products to choose from, all made to a high standard of quality. Whether you need a transparency film with or without a stripe, films that create images in black, color, or both, you will find them all here at a great price. Order them in packs of 50 or 100 and rest assured that your images, charts, and graphics will look incredible, every time. With MyBinding you can add style to your presentations and save money at the same time!

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  1. Apollo Plain Paper Copier Transparency Film Without Stripe - PP100CE

    • Super clear film gives great brightness and true color reproduction.
    • provides clear black images
    • Width :8 1/2 in
    • Quantity: 100pk
    Part #: APO-PP100CE


  2. Apollo Laser Printer Transparency Film 50pk - VCG7060E

    • Let your laser printer do the work for you.
    • Provides clear black images.
    • It is designed without a sensing stripe so it can be used in printers and copiers that do not require sensing detection to properly feed the film through the paper tray, and is specially coated for superior image reproduction.
    • Quantity: 50pk
    Part #: APO-VCG7060E


  3. Apollo Quick Dry Universal Ink Jet Transparency Film 50pk - VCG7033S

    • Create exciting visuals with your personal computer and ink jet printer.
    • Provides brilliant color images
    • It's universal design makes it compatible with most ink jet printers
    • Quantity: 50pk
    Part #: APO-VCG7033S


  4. Apollo 4mil Write On Transparency Film 100pk - VWO100C-BE

    • Width :8 1/2 in
    • Height : 11 in
    • Color(s): Clear
    • Quantity: 100pk
    Part #: APO-VWO100C-BE


  5. Apollo Plain Paper Copier Transparency Film - PP201CE

    • Color(s):Clear
    • Width :8 1/2 in
    • Height :11 in
    • Sensing Stripe: Removable
    Part #: APO-PP201CE


  6. Apollo Multifunction Universal Transparency Film 50pk - VUF1000E

    • Super clear film gives great brightness and true color reproduction.
    • Can be used in most ink jet and laser printers, laser copiers and plain paper copiers for high quality overhead projector presentations, classroom projects, training aids and a wide variety of other uses
    • Provides clear projection and detail by creating detailed images in either color or black
    • Quantity: 50pk
    Part #: APO-VUF1000E


6 Items

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