SpeedPress Safety Rulers
Safely cut with precision with our line of safety rulers. Our line of safety rulers allows users to cut safely with its built in hand guard that protects from injury, this curved guard that doesn’t pinch which makes cutting comfortable. Also available onsite are rulers with solid aluminum body parts, with extra thick cutting face for heavy duty cutting. Another option are rulers with chromium steel cutting edge that guarantees straight lines. Scroll through as these selection of safety rulers come in different sizes! Get one and start cutting safely ASAP!

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  1. Rhino Steel Edge Safety Rulers

    • Comfortable No Pinch Safety Guard.
    • Extra Wide 3.6" Base.
    • Chromium Steel Cutting Edge.
    • Guaranteed Straight.

    Starting At: $56.84

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  2. SpeedPress Aluminum Edge Safety Rulers

    • Curved Aluminum Guard Prevents Injury.
    • Solid aluminum body sports.
    • Extra thick cutting face.
    • Hefty tool.

    Starting At: $52.47

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  3. SpeedPress Ultimate Steel Safety Ruler

    • Hand guard protects you from injury.
    • Curved guard is very comfortable and never pinches.
    • 14 gage plate steel embedded in aluminum.
    • Stainless steel edge.

    Starting At: $69.97

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3 Items

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