Stanley Bostitch Utility Knives and Blades
Give your projects an edge with these Stanley Bostitch Utility Knives and Blades. Ultra-sharp and durable, these replacement blades and knives will help you achieve a perfect cut, every time. Have a look at the varied range of products listed below to discover the ideal item for your needs. We carry replacement blades that are compatible with most standard utility knives – choose the blade length and thickness you prefer from the available options. Want a brand new utility knife? Here you’ll find several designs, including knives with one or three blades as well as products with ergonomic handles or lanyard holes for easy hanging.

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  1. Stanley Bostitch 6.5" InstantChange Retractable Knife - BOS10788

    • Number of Blades: 3 - Stainless Steel
    • Swing-out blade storage and push-button blade changing.
    • Integrated string cutter when blade is fully retracted.
    • Large lanyard hole for hanging.
    Part #: BOS10788


  2. Stanley Bostitch Round-Point Utility Knife Blades - 5pk (BOS11987)

    • Blade Size: 1.88" Length
    • Engineered for optimum performance.
    • Compatible with most standard utility knives.
    • 5 blades / pack.
    Part #: BOS11987


  3. Stanley Bostitch 9mm Quick-Point Refill Blades - 3pk - BOS11300

    • Blade Size: 3.50" Length
    • Cutting Style: Straight
    • For use with most 9mm snap-off blade knives and Stanley 9mm QuickPoint Blade.
    • 13 fresh cutting points for instantaneous use.
    Part #: BOS11300


  4. Stanley Bostitch Quick-Change Retractable Utility Knife - BOS10499

    • Number of Blades: 3
    • Cutting Length: 6"
    • Cutting Style: Straight
    • Color: Black and Silver
    Part #: BOS10499


  5. Stanley Bostitch 9mm Quick-Point Knife - BOS10150

    • Handle Length: 5.12"
    • Cutting Style: Straight
    • Color: Black and Yellow
    • Material: Plastic Handle
    Part #: BOS10150


  6. Stanley Bostitch Interlock Self-Retracting Safe Utility Knife - BOS10189C

    • Number of Blades: 1
    • Handle Length: 5.63"
    • Cutting Style: Straight
    • Color: Red
    Part #: BOS10189C


6 Items

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