Utility Cutting Knives and Blades

If you're looking for practical utility knives, blade refills or kits with assorted blades, rest assured that you will find them here, in our comprehensive selection of products from Elmer's, X-Acto and OLFA. Whether you need a knife or blade for your art projects, paper crafts or other applications, these products are ideal for you. We carry several types of blade refills and replacements, knives with rubberized handles, rotary cutters, and heavy-duty knives with snap-off blades. Want a kit with more blades in one package? Order one of the options listed below, all featuring an assortment of blades to suit any project.

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  1. Snappy Safe Cutter

    • Product Type: Hand-Held Cutting Tool
    • Great tool to have around the shop and in your tool box.
    • Versatile tool use for cutting paper, cloth and vinyl films.
    • Part Number: SCUT
    Part #: SCUT


  2. Olfa SK-7 Compact Self-Retracting Safety Knife

    • Spring-activated blade self-retracts.
    • Symmetrically shaped, high-impact ABS handle.
    • Stainless steel blade channel.
    • No tool blade change.
    Part #: OLF-SK7


  3. OLFA NL-AL HandSaver Rubber Grip Auto-Lock Heavy-Duty Cutter

    • Auto-lock mechanism.
    • Hand-saver anti-slip rubber grip and acetone-resistant handle.
    • Stainless steel blade channel.
    • No tool blade change.
    Part #: OLF-NLAL


  4. OLFA SAC-1 Stainless Steel Snap-Off Graphics Knife

    • Tool of choice for sign making and graphic artists.
    • 30° angle easily cuts foam board, gator board, coroplast, vinyl and more.
    • Slide-lock mechanism
    • Stainless steel blade channel firmly secures blade
    Part #: SAC1


  5. X-Acto X602 No. 2 Precision Knife Replacement Blade - 100pk

    • For precision cutting of medium to heavyweight materials like cardboard, plastic, vinyl and more
    • Color: Silver
    • Blade Size: #2
    • Quantity: 100
    Part #: EPIX602


  6. OLFA XH-1 25mm Extra Heavy-Duty Fiberglass Utility Knife

    • Fiberglass-reinforced body
    • Ratchet-lock blade slider
    • Ergonomic wraparound anti-slip rubber grip
    • Ideal for cutting nylon, rope, high-pressure laminates, flexible plastics, expansion board, gasket materials, and more
    Part #: XH1


  7. Coro Cutter Corrugated Plastic Sheet Cutting Tool

    • Product Type: Cutting Tool
    • Best knife for cutting corrugated plastic sheeting.
    • Made in Canada.
    • Part Number: COROCUT
    Part #: COROCUT


  8. OLFA SVR-2 Stainless Steel Auto-Lock Utility Knife With Blade Snapper

    • Auto-lock mechanism.
    • Stainless steel channel and handle.
    • No tool blade change.
    • Pocket clip and blade snapper.
    Part #: OLF-SVR2


  9. OLFA PC-L Plastic / Laminate Cutter

    • Wheel-lock mechanism.
    • High-impact ABS handle.
    • Aluminum die cast blade slider.
    • For right- or left-handed use.
    Part #: OLF-PCL


  10. X-Acto Z-Series Knife with Fine Point Blade and Safety Cap

    • Product Type: Art Knife
    • Includes No. 11 Classic Fine Point Zirconium Nitride-coated Blade
    • Material: Aluminum Handle
    • Features: Lightweight and Durable
    Part #: EPIXZ3601


  11. OLFA 45mm Rotary Replacement Blade for RTY-2/DX and RTY-2/G

    • OLFA's most popular size blade
    • Cuts up to 6 layers of fabric
    • Fits RTY-2/DX and RTY-2/G Rotary Cutters
    • Comes in its own carrying case

    Starting At: $51.34

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  12. Olfa LA-X 18mm Fiberglass-Reinforced Heavy-Duty Utility Knife

    • Fiberglass-reinforced handle
    • Ergonomic wraparound anti-slip rubber grip
    • Multi-purpose metal pick
    • Stainless steel blade channel
    Part #: LA-X


  13. OLFA Model 180 Metal Body Slide-Lock Utility Knife With Blade Snapper

    • Slide mechanism.
    • Metal body.
    • No tool blade change.
    • Pocket Clip and blade snapper.
    Part #: OLF-180


  14. Olfa TS-1 Top Sheet Cutter

    • Made from high-quality carbon tool steel.
    • Auto-pressure control system adjusts cutting pressure.
    • Great for cutting coupons and printed articles.
    • Can use it on cardstock, thin films, plastic sheeting, tape and more.
    Part #: OLF-TS1


  15. Stanley Bostitch Round-Point Utility Knife Blades - 5pk (BOS11987)

    • Blade Size: 1.88" Length
    • Engineered for optimum performance.
    • Compatible with most standard utility knives.
    • 5 blades / pack.
    Part #: BOS11987


  16. Stanley Bostitch 9mm Quick-Point Refill Blades - 3pk - BOS11300

    • Blade Size: 3.50" Length
    • Cutting Style: Straight
    • For use with most 9mm snap-off blade knives and Stanley 9mm QuickPoint Blade.
    • 13 fresh cutting points for instantaneous use.
    Part #: BOS11300


Items 1-16 of 60

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