Discontinued Display and Presentation Boards
If you need an elegant and practical Display and Presentation Board, this selection of products is ideal for you. Manufactured by Nexus, these boards offer a wide range of practical features in a high quality package. The Easel and IdeaWall designs are made with a whiteboard surface that can be used on both sides and is magnet compatible, for more functionality. The Caddy Kit and Collaboration Kit models have 6 tablets, with 6 and 12 pairs of X-Pegs respectively, and provide an impressive collaboration tool for any office or learning environment. All of these products are backed by a substantial 10 year warranty from the manufacturer.

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  1. Quartet Portable IdeaShare Interactive Whiteboard System

    • Innovative, lightweight portable receiver connects to any whiteboard, easel surface or flipchart pad to create an interactive presentation board that saves, prints and emails presentations and meeting notes instantly at the touch of a button
    • Save time and boost productivity in high-profile, heavy-use office spaces by flexibly printing, sharing or saving written data to a PC or Mac, ensuring all participants walk away with the same information
    • Creates interactive presentations by turning any writing surface into touch-sensitive computer using an LCD projector
    • Hosts free collaborative web meetings for up to 25 remote participants across the globe, allowing users to brainstorm beyond office walls and eliminate travel expenses
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  2. Quartet Prestige Total Erase 36" x 23" Titanium Frame Board - TE563T

    • Size: 36" x 23"
    • Surface Material: Total Erase
    • Frame Material: Aluminum
    • Magnetic: No
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  3. Quartet Oval Office 3' x 2' Burgundy Fabric Bulletin Board - 7683PB

    • Size: 3' x 2'
    • Surface Material: Fabric
    • Frame Material: None
    • Magnetic: No
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  4. Apollo Color Laser Transparency Film Without Stripe 50pk - VCG7070E

    • Premium, clear transparency film for use with copiers and printers that do not require a sensing stripe to feed film through paper tray
    • Specially coated for brilliant, detailed color image reproduction and exciting visuals
    • Use with Hewlett-Packard color laser and other color laser printers
    • Also recommended for use with the following ink-jet printers: DEC ColorWriter LSR; Hewlett-Packard Color Laser Series; QMS Magicolor Series; Tektronix Phaser 500 or 560 Series
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  5. Apollo Ink Jet Film for Canon Epson Lexmark Printers - 50pk

    • Removable stripe, clear film, color image
    • Specially coated for superior image reproduction
    • Available in 50-count box
    • Recommended for use with the following ink jet printers: Apple: Stylewriter 1200, Color Stylewriter Series Canon: BJ-30, BJ-100, All BJC and All BJ Series Epson: Stylus Color Series, Stylus Pro Series
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  6. Apollo VA-ELH-6 Boxed Slide Projector Lamp

    • Super bright light and outstanding long life.
    • Material: 99% pure quartz glass
    • Part Number: VA-ELH-6
    • Quantity: 1 Lamp
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  7. Apollo VA-FNT-6 Boxed Overhead Projector Lamp

    • Super bright light and outstanding long life.
    • Material: 99% pure quartz glass
    • GBC Quartet Part Number: VA-FNT-6
    • Quantity: 1 Lamp
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  8. Quartet 42" Adjustable Height AV Cart with Cabinet - 88342

    • 2-shelf, all-steel AV cart with cabinet designed for heavy use in offices, training rooms and classrooms
    • Fits monitors and projectors up to 20"
    • Adjusts to 5 heights ranging from 26" to 42" to accommodate a variety of audience sizes
    • UL/cUL-approved 3-outlet electrical strip with 15' cord promises portability and ease of use
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  9. Quartet 39" Steel Overhead Projector Cart - OT-39Q

    • Adjustable, 3-shelf all-steel overhead and multimedia projector cart designed for heavy use in offices, training rooms and classrooms
    • UL-approved 3-outlet electrical strip with 15' cord and cord-winding bracket for better portability and ease of use
    • 17" x 19.25" top shelf sets at 39" to accommodate standing presentations
    • Two 11" x 20" fold-down side shelves hold additional presentation materials within easy reach
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  10. Quartet Black Tack and Write Nameplate - 25035

    • Use whiteboard surface to leave messages or reminders
    • Secure additional information to the tackable surface
    • Flexible mounting system attaches to regular or fabric-covered walls for versatile communication system
    • Create secure nameplate using slide-in printed label or magnetic letter board surface
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  11. Quartet Black Open Closed Sign - 8130-1

    • 14-3/8" W x 12-3/8" H single-sided black panel sign with open/closed status panel and message area
    • Open/closed status displayed in bright orange letters
    • Easily flip panel to change open/closed status
    • Message board displays additional information to customers as they enter and leave
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  12. Quartet Customizable Magnetic Nameplate - 9003

    • 3" magnetic nameplate with easy-to-use magnetic characters lets you designate departments, customize messages and create nameplates in professional environments
    • System comes with a base, grooved insert, clear protective lens cover, and an assortment of 268 magnetic letters, numbers and symbols in 2 sizes
    • White plastic letters stand out on solid black surface for heightened style and readability
    • Easily mount on wall using keyhole slot in back bezel (screws and anchors provided), foam tape or fabric grips (Velcro)
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  13. Quartet Conference Room Scheduler Sign - 995

    • Durable 15.5" W x 14.25" H conference room scheduler with Available/Occupied status panel and whiteboard
    • Post outside of frequently used meeting rooms for reliable schedule coordination
    • Indicate meeting room status to all employees with a simple slide of Available/Occupied status panel
    • Durable whiteboard surface provides writing space for employees to book meeting rooms in advance
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  14. Quartet Marker Board Blue Foam Eraser - 15031Q

    • Depend on the foam eraser to clean dry-erase boards and chalkboards in any environment
    • Use the Quartet economy foam eraser to clean dry-erase boards and chalkboards, from classrooms to meeting rooms
    • Quantity:1
    • Part Number: 15031Q
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  15. Quartet Large Surface Dry-Erase and Eraser - 52-180132Q

    • Depend on the oversized eraser for effortless erasing in classrooms, conference rooms and other heavy-use environments
    • Benefit from the versatile erasing material that cleans dry-erase boards and chalkboards
    • Grip with the comfort of the durable ergonomic handle
    • Extend the eraser life with the soft, washable erasing material
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  16. Quartet Prestige Marker Board Eraser - PE1

    • Complement the modern design of Quartet Prestige Plus, Prestige and Euro marker boards with this sleek eraser
    • Erase markings from all dry-erase surfaces with one easy swipe, aided by unique soft bristles that collect unwanted marker dust
    • Ergonomic slim eraser designed for comfort and ease of use
    • Switch to extra removable eraser pads as needed to ensure clean surface
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