Fastbind Letter Landscape Black BooxTer End Sheet - 100 pcs

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The Fastbind Letter Landscape Black End Sheet is stapled together with the book block and attached to the inside surface of the cover. The end sheet both cover the inside grey board as well as hold the book block into the cover, giving you both an elegant professional look and a floating spine type binding. You need a front and back (pair) End Sheet with each hard cover. Comes in 100 pcs per box.

Product Details

  • Easy to use.
  • Compatible with both personalized & classic hard covers.
  • Specially designed for durable linear stapling hard covers.
  • Compatible with any stapler.

Item Specifications

  • Product Type: End Sheet
  • Size: Letter Landscape
  • Color: Black
  • Quantity: 100 pcs/box
  • Part Number: FBBXTRESLLB

Demonstration Video

Fastbind Booxter End Sheets

Transcript: Booxter end sheets are a necessary part of every hard cover project using one of the Booxter machines. Each has a release liner on one side. Booxter end sheets are distinguishable by the thin line of foam on one end. This foam absorbs the staples, so they do not press into your cover.

You can get them in portrait or landscape, and black or white.

To use, place an endsheet onto the front of your pages with the foam aligned to the spine of your pages. The release liner should be at the top and visible. Do this on the back side as well.

Now, using any Booxter machine, or the Express Plus ...