Handheld Manual Pencil Sharpeners
Pencil sharpening has never been simpler with a hand held pencil sharpener. Unlike hand crank sharpeners, and their electric counterparts, hand held sharpeners don't jam! So even if your kids jam their crayons in there, you can still use the sharpener. We also offer some professional sharpeners for architects, for both your pencils, and lead sharpeners for your mechanical pencils. We have the best school and professional pencil sharpeners!

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  1. Charles Leonard Assorted Cone Receptacle Pencil Sharpener

    • Features a cone receptacle for pencil shavings.
    • Designed for use with standard-size pencils.
    • Plastic construction.
    • Assorted colors.
    Part #: LEO-80730


  2. Stanley Bostitch Twist-N-Sharp Pencil Sharpener - BOSPS1ADJ

    • Fast, simple "twist" pencil sharpening.
    • Adjust for a pointed or blunt pencil tip.
    • Tip Saver Technology prevents oversharpening.
    • Easy clean tray captures loose shavings.
    Part #: BOSPS1ADJ


  3. Dahle Hand Held Sharpeners - Canister Sharpener

    • High quality plastic body
    • Gray transparent body catches shavings - less mess
    • Metal sharpener ultrasonically welded into removable top cap
    • Type: Metal Wedge

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  4. Dahle "Chubby" Canister Sharpener - 53460

    • Molded to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand
    • White polyethylene body catches shavings - less mess
    • Plastic sharpener ultrasonically welded into removable top cap
    • Available with blue, red and yellow top caps
    Part #: 53460


  5. Westcott Plastic Manual Pencil Sharpeners (24/Pk)- ACM15993

    • Steel blade gets your pencils consistently sharp
    • Use with No. 2 size pencils only
    • Variety of colors provide fun way to brighten up any desk
    • Compact design allows easy storage at work, home or school
    Part #: ACM15993


  6. Dahle Professional Lead Pointer - 301

    • Hand-held rotary lead pointer for 2mm leads
    • High quality gray plastic body
    • Integrated steel milled cutting blades
    • Features two measuring devices for writing or precision drawing points
    Part #: 301


6 Items

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