GBC Arctic Dura Mount (3" Core)
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GBC Arctic Dura Mount (3" Core)

Brand: GBC Arctic
  • 11 popular widths
  • 150' and 300' lengths available
  • Permanent pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Ideal for posters, digital prints, and heat sensitive projects
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Product Description

GBC Arctic Dura Mount 3" Core utilizes an economical polyester carrier coated both sides with a permanent pressure sensitive adhesive. This mounting film bonds well to porous, non-plastic surfaces. It uses an aggressive adhesive that provides a permanent bond to a variety of substrates. Perfect for posters, digital prints, and price sensitive projects. Clear pressure sensitive mounting adhesive with a 78 Lb. coated paper, single release liner. Ph neutral. Adheres to gatorboard, foam board, sintra etc. This is GBC's most popular adhesive.

Product Details

  • Film Type: GBC Arctic Dura Mount
  • Roll Width: 25" - 61"
  • Roll Length: 150' - 300'
  • Core Size: 3"

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Part NumberRoll WidthRoll LengthCore SizeFilm Type
930085125"150'3"GBC Arctic Dura Mount
930085231"150'3"GBC Arctic Dura Mount
930085338"150'3"GBC Arctic Dura Mount
930085438"300'3"GBC Arctic Dura Mount
930085543"150'3"GBC Arctic Dura Mount
930085643"300'3"GBC Arctic Dura Mount
930085751"150'3"GBC Arctic Dura Mount
930085851"300'3"GBC Arctic Dura Mount
930085955"150'3"GBC Arctic Dura Mount
930086055"300'3"GBC Arctic Dura Mount
930086961"150'3"GBC Arctic Dura Mount

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