GBC Octiva 3mil Lo-Melt Lustre with UV Protection
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GBC Octiva 3mil Lo-Melt Lustre with UV Protection

Brand: GBC Octiva
  • 4 popular widths available
  • 500' roll length
  • Minimizes glare
  • Protection against UV
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Product Description

GBC Octiva 3mil Lo-Melt Lustre with UV Protection laminating films are essential for great presentations with long-lasting protection. Complete with unique light management additives to enhance the finished appearance and limit color shift. The lustre finish provides a very fine texture with sharp results. The texture on the surface will cut the glare from most viewing angles. A thin, 3 mil polyester film rolls with low-melt adhesive designed for heat sensitive, inkjet printers. The 55" x 500' Octiva Lo-Melt films are now with UV Protection, ensures the sun doesn?t damage any part of the product. GBC is a vital tool to be on top of the demanding digital color marketplace.
*** Most individuals with roll laminators will order film in pairs. The price above is per roll. ******3032018A is a made to order product and requires a minimum order of 4 rolls and a 10 days lead time.***

Product Details

  • Gauge: 3 mil
  • Roll Width: 38" - 55"
  • Roll Length: 500'
  • Core Diameter : 3"

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Part NumberRoll WidthRoll LengthThicknessFilm Finish
3032015A38"500'3 milLuster
3032016A43"500'3 milLuster
3032018A55"500'3 milLuster
3032017A51"500'3 milLuster

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