GBC ProClick Pronto 3:1 Oversize MP2500ix Die Set - 7705200
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GBC ProClick Pronto 3:1 Oversize MP2500ix Die Set - 7705200

Part #: 7705200
Brand: GBC
  • Quick-change die sets that don't require tools
  • Strong, all metal construction
  • 1/2 second punch cycle
  • Rectangle holes
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Product Description

GBC/IBICO offers 11-different die patterns for the GBC 2500ix and IBICO 640ID. One of the many unique features of these systems is they do not require removal of bolts, turning of levers, or tools to change die sets. Die pins are easily accessible allowing for a wide variety of sheet sizes. The 1/2 second Punch Cycle insures maximum productivity. Punch capacity varies by die pattern.

Product Details

  • Type: GBC MP2500ix / Ibico 640ID Die Set
  • Manufacturer: GBC (General Binding Corporation)
  • Punching Pattern: GBC Proclick Pronto
  • Pitch: 3:1 Pitch
  • Hole Shape: Rectangle
  • List Price: $1,103.00
  • GBC Part Number: 7705200

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