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As the workplace changes, the CDC suggests wearing face masks to prevent the spread of infections in shared offices. MyBinding is proud to provide a broad range of personal protective equipment (PPE) products for purchase. Face masks come in a variety of styles, including KN95 masks, which are not medically essential but can help reduce exposure to airborne particles. Anti-fog face shields are additionally available as an additional layer of protection for the entire face. In order to be ready for anything, you can be supplied and prepared with PPE items from Spiral Binding.

Due to COVID-19, temperature checks using an infrared thermometer have become the new standard. Non-contact infrared thermometers, or NCITs, may help lessen the likelihood of the disease spreading if they are used properly, according to the FDA. Businesses may gain by using non-contact thermometers to increase the safety of their staff and customers because they can quickly assess whether someone has a temperature.

An infrared forehead thermometer ought to be precise when used appropriately. The FDA suggests rigorously adhering to the manufacturer's instructions to ensure accuracy. Additionally, the temperature gun's detecting area needs to be maintained dry, clean, and untouchable while being held perpendicular to the forehead. 

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  1. Medical Infrared Thermometer

    • Specially designed to test the body temperature of a person via either by the ear or the forehead.
    • Can also measure surface temperature of objects, foods, water, baby milk, etc.
    • 32 sets of storage data to record body temperature variations
    • Ideal for companies who wish to monitor their staff for the presence of a fever such as is evident with Covid-19 (Coronavirus).
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4 Items

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