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Neck Chain Adapter Straps

Looking to hang an ID badge or holder from your beaded neck chain? These neck chain adapters are produced from a clear flexible and strong vinyl. They measure 3-3/8 inches and come 100 to a pack. Each adapter has a sealed loop on one end for your chain to run through. The other end has a convenient badge clip to attach your ID or holder. These adapters allow you to use neck chains with standard badges and allow items punched with a single slot to hang straight and flat while being worn.
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  1. Neck Chain Adapter Strap Image 1

    Neck Chain Adapter Strap

    Neck Chain Adapter Strap Image 1
    • Lanyard Length: 3.38"
    • Attachment Type: None
    • Lanyard Material: Vinyl
    • Quantity: 100 pk

    Your Price: $14.00

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