Intimus 14.87 5.8mm Strip Cut Industrial Shredder with Baler
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Intimus 14.87 5.8mm Strip Cut Industrial Shredder with Baler

Part #: 14.87-5.8MM
Brand: Intimus
  • Security Class DIN 32757-1: 2
  • Cutting Sze Paper: 1/4" (5.8mm)
  • Shredding Capacity 1 (Sheets): 120-140
  • Cutting Speed (Approx.) m/sec: 0.28
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Product Description

This Intimus 14.87 5.8mm Strip Cut Industrial Shredder with Baler has a sheet steel housing with hydraulic baler, manual on/off control, and has an auto stop/reverse/restart features. The shredded material is automatically compressed into compact bales, feeding via conveyor belt, dosage paddles pull not only smooth, but crumpled paper in the same way. It has a rugged, wear-resistant cutting rollers that is made from high-grade steel for optimum cutting performance. This shred/baler combination machine has a high-power, thermally protected geared electric motor (4.0 kW) and stable drive. This Intimus 14.87 5.8mm Strip Cut Industrial Shredder has a 440mm working width that is suitable for all standard computer formats.

Product Details

  • Ensures a maximum of operation safety.
  • Optimized interaction of the several drive parts.
  • Convenient and fully-automatical workflow.
  • Ensure highest user friendliness.
  • Manual ON/OFF control.
  • Auto Stop/Reverse/Restart.
  • Sheet steel housing with hydraulic baler.

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Item Specifications

  • Security Class DIN 32757-1: 2
  • Cutting Sze Paper: 1/4" (5.8mm)
  • Shredding Capacity 1 (Sheets): 120-140
  • Shredding Capacity 2 (kg/h): 240
  • Cutting Speed (Approx.) m/sec: 0.28
  • Working Width (Approx.) mm: 440
  • Press Force (Approx.) kN: 80
  • Bale Weight kg: 60-80
  • Sound Level db (A): 68
  • Power Supply Volt: 400 / 3ph
  • Motor Power kW: 8 (4 kW Shredder + 4 kW Baler)
  • Dimensions L x W x H mm: 2,680 (3,270 with bale ejection flap open) x 800 x 1,640
  • Weight kg: 973

Staff Review

Intimus S14.87 5.8mm Industrial Shredder Baler System Review

The Intimus S14.87 Industrial Shredder Baler System is ideal for those businesses needing extremely high volume shredding. The S14.87 combines a data shredder with a baler for instant compaction of waste material with the added bonus of being narrow enough to fit through standard width doors. Additional features such as automatic functions and a conveyor belt feed system add to the convenience of this machine. Let's take a closer look at this shredder baler system.


  • Automatic features abound on this machine. Two manual power switches offer basic controls while the shredder does the rest for you. A locking master control turns the device on and off. A second switch offers options for off, forward, and reverse functions. Off activates automatically if the bin is opened or if the baler is full, which also has an audible alert. An automated anti-jam function triggers the blades to reverse overfed items back out to the user. Backlit icons tell you if the power is on, if there is a paper jam, or if the bin door is open.
  • Sturdy blades are driven by a powerful, continuous duty motor. This allows it to run constantly without needing frequent cool down periods. Thermo-sensor protection offers added prevention of overheating. The cutting cylinders are covered by a 5 year manufacturer guarantee with a one year warranty on parts and labor.
  • Items ride into the blades down a conveyor belt and enter through a wide 17 inch opening. Up to 140 sheets can shred at once as fast as 55 feet per minute. Thin, illegible strips less than ΒΌ inch across remain and are immediately pressed into a bale.
  • The baler compacts shredded material enough to reduce the scrap volume by up to 70 percent. Depending on your preference, this machine can use either bag or strap bales. On the top of the machine is a locking door that allows the addition of non-shredded waste. A simple push button releases the bale, which is readily tossed into a recycling receptacle.


  • Between the shredder and the baler, this is a very heavy piece of equipment. But two fixed and two lockable casters on the bottom offer ease of mobility, though it will still be heavy to wheel around. We don't think this will be much of an issue for most users.
  • The narrow strips only provide a level 2 security. For generic office documents about to be compressed, this keeps items safe enough. If you're looking for a higher security device, this machine does come in a cross cut version offering a level 3 security rating.

The Intimus S14.87 is well-able to accommodate the heavy duty shredding needs of any industry. Convenience is seen in the automatic features, conveyor belt feed system, and baler. Compact bales come out ready for recycling. A manufacturer warranty is a good sign you're getting a quality device. We think this shredder baler system is an excellent choice for your next industrial machine.

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