Intimus 452CC 1/16" x 5/8" Cross Cut Medium Duty Shredder
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Intimus 452CC 1/16" x 5/8" Cross Cut Medium Duty Shredder

Part #: 684114
Brand: Intimus
  • Shred Size: 1/16" x 5/8"
  • Shred Type: Cross-cut
  • Capacity: 11-15 sheets
  • Speed: 30 ft. per minute
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Product Description

The Intimus 452CC cross cut shredder is a great option for a small department that needs a heavy duty shredder to share between multiple users. The 452CC is designed to offer a solution for companies who want to make paper shredding convenient for employees and cost effective for the organization. The speed and capacity of this machine make it an ideal choice for organizations looking to reduce on the soft costs of shredding by placing a centrally located shredder inside a department (perhaps by the printer or copier). The Intimus 452 offers a wide 16" throat to handle computer print outs and ca easily shred documents with staples or paper clips. Plus, the 452CC shredder offers increased security by producing narrow unreadable chads that are only 1/16" x 5/8" in size. These small chads help to cut down substantially on the volume of waste produced by the 452CC and make bag changes far less frequent.

Product Details

  • 16" working width to shred computer print-outs: additional work surface provided by shelf or optional top rack
  • Elegant, functionally styled design with a compact folding paper shelf
  • Dust-free operation with large waste basket, totally mobile on casters.
  • Fully automatic operation, user-friendly with visual indicators
  • Specially hardened steel cutting cylinders
  • Continuous-duty motor is maintenance free
  • Handles documents with paper clips and staples
  • Price does not reflect applicable freight or installation charges

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Item Specifications

  • Shred Size: 1/16" x 5/8"
  • Shred Type: Cross-cut
  • Capacity: 11-15 sheets
  • Speed: 30 ft. per minute
  • Throat Size: 16"
  • Shred Container: 4.0 cubic feet
  • Supply Voltage: 115v
  • Power Consumption: 1.25hp
  • Dimensions: 26

Staff Review

Intimus 452CC 1/16″ x 5/8″ Cross Cut Medium Duty Shredder Review

Shredders are often found both in individual offices as well as a central, high traffic area. The Intimus 452CC offers a compromise between the two. Designed as a central shredder for a small department, the 452 provides efficient security with enough power to handle high volume needs. It is simple and practical to use and has generous capacities. Here is a more detailed look at the 452CC.


  • The design and operation of this shredder is all about convenience. It is fully automatically operated. A small panel offers user friendly optical indicators that show the status of the machine. Located on the front of the device is a compact folding shelf for extra paper storage. An optional top rack could provide even more surface area if needed. Dust-proof operation prevents corrosion from micro-particles as well as cuts down on cleaning.
  • Steel blades are driven by a powerful, maintenance-free motor. The engine is rated for continuous use and is heavy duty enough to withstand high volume shredding. Instead of needing time to cool down after a short period of intense use, this model can shred large stacks of documents all day long.
  • A nice, broad 16 opening easily accepts wide computer print outs. Stapled and paper clipped documents up to 15 sheets thick are effortlessly taken in by the hardened steel blades. They are devoured at a speedy 30 feet per minute, excellent for a cross cutting shredder.
  • The cross cutting mechanism converts all your documents into miniscule particles only 1/16 inch by 5/8 inch in size. These pieces are virtually impossible to reassemble and provide you with a level 4 security rating. Level 4 is safe enough for the destruction of all confidential personal and business documents.
  • Paper confetti floats down into a massive shred bag that offers 4 cubic feet of storage. That equals about 30 gallons of paper bits and ensures you won’t need to empty it too often.


  • One of the few downsides to this machine is that it weighs a hefty 121 pounds. Even so, movement is made easy by the casters mounted on the bottom that allow the machine to roll from place to place. We don’t think this will be much of an issue for most users.
  • Another potential problem area is that the blades can only take up to 15 sheets at once. This lower capacity is offset by the fact that it shreds items at 30 feet per minute. Again, we don’t think most offices will find this to be an issue. If are looking for a device with more capacity, Intimus does offer other models in various security ratings that can take in more sheets at once.

The Intimus 452CC is well-equipped to handle the heavy duty needs of any small department. From high capacities and great security to functional design and automatic features, this shredder is convenient and easy to use while keeping your personal information safe. We would highly recommend this device for your next central office shredder.

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