Intimus Multimedia Particle-Cut Shredder
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Intimus Multimedia Particle-Cut Shredder

Part #: 684204
Brand: Intimus
  • Shred Size: Will Vary Per Material
  • Shred Type: Particle
  • Capacity: 1 or 2
  • Throat Size: Varies per Media
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Product Description

The Intimus Multimedia shredder is designed to protect your privacy and protect your important data. It can shred personal and corporate electronic information before it can cause you harm! The Intimus Multimedia shredder completely destroys today's electronic file storage media. The Intimus Multimedia easily shreds CD's, DVD's, 3.5" floppy disks, 100mb and 250mb Zip disks, 4mm DAT tapes and LS120 Superdisks into little pieces. No matter what type of data you need to destroy the intimus multimedia shredder is ideal. Plus, the intimus multimedia shredder has two large volume catch baskets with changeale environmentally acceptable PE-bags.

Product Details

  • Easily shreds CDs, DVDs, 3.5" floppy disks, 100mb and 250mb Zip disks, 4mm DAT tapes and LS120 Superdisks into little pieces
  • Has a manual start/stop operation
  • Reverse switch clears any potential jamming on the cutters
  • The guard on the inlet slot can be opened as required
  • Continuous duty motor - maintenance free
  • Price does not reflect applicable freight or installation charges

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Item Specifications

  • Shred Size: Will Vary Per Material
  • Shred Type: Particle
  • Shred Type: Strip (Zip/Data Tapes)
  • Capacity: 1 or 2
  • Throat Size: Varies per Media
  • Shred Container: 1.2 cu. ft. (CD/DVD) and 1.5 cu. ft (disks, zip, DAT)
  • Supply Voltage: 115v
  • Power Consumption: 1.5hp
  • Dimensions: 26

Staff Review

Intimus Multimedia Particle Cut Shredder Review

In today’s world, confidential material comes in many forms other than paper. The Intimus Multimedia Particle Cut Shredder is fully equipped to destroy a variety of media types to keep your information secure, no matter the form it’s in. It is also easy to use and reliable. Let’s take a closer look at the Multimedia Shredder.


  • Use is controlled by a manual start and stop button. In the case of a jam, the reverse mechanism works by rotating backwards in order to unclog the cutting cylinders. A shield on the inlet slot can be opened as needed to insert or remove any items. It also provides an added element of safety by protecting your eyes from potential flying shards.
  • Sturdy blades are driven by a powerful, maintenance free motor. The engine is rated for continuous operation. This means that it doesn’t require frequent cool down periods to avoid overheating after a short time of heavy use as with many smaller shredders. You can shred a large stack of CDs without wasting idle time waiting for the device to be ready.
  • Three separate slots take in varying media. A 4-15/16 inch slot handles CDs and DVDs. Blades turns these discs into small particles shards. Two 3.5 inch floppy disks can enter the second 4-1/8 inch slot at once. A third slot takes in 100mb and 250mb Zip disks, 4mm DAT tapes and LS120 Superdisks through a 3-1/8 inch opening. The second two openings provide strip cut pieces instead of particles. Together, all three slots provide a simple and effective way to dispose of a variety of data formats.
  • Two separate catch baskets collect the media waste. One bin is used for CD and DVD waste, offering a spacious 1.2 cubic feet of storage. Everything else is deposited into a large 1.5 cubic foot container. Both sides use changeable, environmentally acceptable PE bags. At about 9 gallons and 11 gallons respectively, you’ll have enough storage space to keep you shredding for a while before needing to replace the bags.


  • This machine weighs about 121 pounds when empty. The lack of casters will make moving this device bulky and awkward. If you need to move it, we recommend using a dolly for added mobility.
  • It would be nice if this model could shred paper items as well. Intimus does offer a smaller machine that can shred paper along with CDs and DVDs. Unfortunately if you want a data shredder as well as a paper shredder, the only Intimus ones are large, industrial sized machines.

Overall, this is a great specialty device. With confidential data coming in so many forms, this is an perfect system to ensure your information stays safe no matter what media type it’s in. The particles left by the blades are virtually impossible to reassemble. Simple operation and a powerful motor offer efficiency and convenience. We think the Intimus Multimedia Particle Cut Shredder would be an excellent addition for any office needing the destruction of electronic data.

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