James Burn EX610 / EPX700 Die Sets
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James Burn EX610 / EPX700 Die Sets

Brand: James Burn
  • Available dies include wire, comb, spiral coil, VeloBind, Looseleaf, and more
  • Easily slides in and out of the machine
  • High quality hardened steel dies
  • Designed for high volume applications
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Product Description

This high quality die set is designed specifically for use with the James Burn EX610 / EPX700 binding punch. This genuine JBI punching die is made from the highest quality hardened steel and is meant for high volume production use. EX610 / EPX700 die sets are available in thirteen different punching patterns for virtually any style of binding that your company may require. This means that you can expand the capabilities of your EX610 / EPX700 punch at any time by simply buying a new die set. Get your die set and get punching today.

Product Details

  • Type: EX610 / EPX700 Interchangeable Die Set
  • Punching Pattern: Varies
  • Hole Shape: Varies
  • Hole Size: Varies

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