Kensington SmartFit SoleMate Foot Rest
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Kensington SmartFit SoleMate Foot Rest

Part #: K50416WW
Brand: Kensington
  • Ergonomist Approved.
  • SmartFit System.
  • Angle & Tilt Adjustable.
  • Anti-Slip Base.
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Product Description

This Kensington SmartFit SoleMate Foot Rest can improve posture, promote healthy circulation and support back and leg comfort with the SmartFit® SoleMate™ Foot Rest. Ergonomically designed to promote wellness and support increased productivity, the SmartFit® SoleMate™ Foot Rest incorporates Kensington’s patented SmartFit technology to simplify proper fit and allows users to adjust the height and angle for individualized comfort. This Kensington SmartFit SoleMate Foot Rest is an ideal foot rest for modern home office or hot-desking environments.

Product Details

  • Ergonomist Approved. Designed with ergonomist input and approval to support good health, comfort and protection through proper alignment and adjustable settings, this foot rest properly raises your legs to improve posture, promote healthy circulation and support back and leg comfort.
  • SmartFit System. Simplifies ideal ergonomic height positioning using scientifically proven research to support proper fit and increase productivity.
  • Angle & Tilt Adjustable. Allows users to personalize their preferred tilt position.
  • Anti-Slip Base. Ensures your foot rest stays in place throughout the workday.
  • Easy-to-Clean Surface. Can be spot cleaned with warm water to withstand heavy usage and still keep your foot rest looking new.
  • Wide Platform. Comfortably accommodates users preferring a wider stance.
  • Non-Toxic Materials. Independently certified for safety and compliance to support a healthier workplace.
  • Professional Performance-Focused Design. Combines functional and sophisticated low-profile elegance with durable components.

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Item Specifications

  • Product Type: Foot Rest
  • Material: Non-Toxic
  • Part Number: K50416WW

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