MBM Ideal AP100 Medical Edition Air Purifier with WiFi/App - AP0100
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MBM Ideal AP100 Medical Edition Air Purifier with WiFi/App - AP0100

Part #: AP0100
Brand: MBM
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  • Fan Speed: 5 levels (manual /auto)
  • Noise Levels (dB): 29 / 34 / 41 / 48 / 56
  • Air Flow: up to 26,500 ft3/hour
  • Room Size: 1,000 (With a room height of 8.2 feet)
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Product Description

This MBM Ideal AP100 Medical Edition Air Purifier is a professional air cleaner with individually replaceable high-quality filter elements that is ideal in rooms of around 1000 square feet. Its 7-level cleaning system filters pollutants such as fine dust, pollen and acarid allergens, pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and mold spores, cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes, chemical vapors and odors from the air. Some of the great features of the Ideal AP100 that makes it the perfect source for clean air are the following: High-performance filter system, LCD touch screen, WLAN connection and the corresponding app. This MBM Ideal AP100 Medical Edition Air Purifier is backed by a 1-year warranty.

Product Details

  • LCD Touch screen. All functions can be controlled using the brilliant touch display in a comfortable way with a tip of your finger.
  • Home screen. The home screen can display local weather, fine dust pollution and temperature of the selected place. The indoor air condition is centrally displayed.
  • Filter elements. With a high-performance HEPA filter, high-performance activated carbon filter, antimicrobial PM2,5 filter and CleanCel fine prefilter – for perfectly filtered and hygienically pure air.
  • Filter condition indicator. The menu allows displaying the condition of all filter elements. On an average, the filters have to be changed after 12 months. The device automatically indicates a pending filter change.
  • IDEAL air app. The device can also be controlled and retrieved via smart-phone using the "IDEAL air" app. „IDEAL air" supports iOS 6.0 and higher as well as Android 4.12 (Jelly Bean) and higher.
  • Extensive sensor system. With a fine dust sensor, gas and odour sensor and light sensor for perfect room air in automatic mode.
  • PLASMAWAVE. PlasmaWave produces positive and negative ions in an optimal ratio that form hydroxyles together with hydrogen from the humid air. These hydroxyles neutralize and destroy viruses such as influenza viruses, bacteria, chemical compounds, poisons and odors at the molecular level. PlasmaWave cleans indoor air in the same manner as nature cleans the air. PlasmaWave is certified as being free of ozone.
  • Cleancel. The plastic material of the air routing parts and the prefilter are equipped with an additive based on silver ion technology. This CleanCel® technology inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi and acarids. Furthermore, bacterial contamination with e.g. Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella enteridis is inhibited.
  • MedShield. Antibacterial "MedShield" coating of the PM2,5 filter for removing 99.9% of the pathogen viruses, bacteria and mould spores from the air.
  • Integrated WIFI. Thanks to an internet connection, devices can be interconnected and all functions can also be comfortably used via smartphone – at home and on the go.
  • AP100 Filter Process:
    • 1. Prefilter. Filters larger particles such as dust, lint and hair from the air – extends the life cycle of your HEPA filter.
    • 2. CleanCel. The plastic material of the prefilter is equipped with an anti-bacterial additive based on silver ion technique.
    • 3. PM 2.5 Filter. Removes up to 99.9% of the ultra-fine air pollutants of a size of 2.5µm.
    • 4. MedShield. Anti-bacterial coating inhibits the growth and kills bacteria and molds within the PM 2.5 filter.
    • 5. High-performance activated carbon filter. Removes various odors and harmful gases such as e.g. tobacco smoke, ammonia, acetaldehyde, formaldehyde, toluol, VOCs, etc.
    • 6. PlasmaWave. Optionally selectable function for the neutralization of pollutants, bacteria, viruses and mold spores at molecular level.
    • 7. HEPA fine dust filter. Highly effective filter with 99.97% filtration efficiency for particles of a size of 0.3µm.

Item Specifications

  • Power Supply: 120V, 60 Hz
  • Fan Speed: 5 levels (manual /auto)
  • Noise Levels (dB): 29 / 34 / 41 / 48 / 56
  • Air flow (With a room height of 8.2 feet): up to 26,500 ft3/hour
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 17" x 17" x 39.8"
  • Weight: 67 lbs.
  • Warranty: 1 year limited, excluding wearables

Questions & Answers

This filter combination can last up to a year, but that of course depends on the environment it is used in as well as how often the user cleans the prefilter and maintains it.

Answered by MyBinding
3 years and 10 months ago ago

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