Multigraf Touchline CF375 Creasing/Perforating/Folding Machine
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Multigraf Touchline CF375 Creasing/Perforating/Folding Machine

Part #: 04CPBCF375
Brand: Multigraf
  • Speed (sheet/hour): Up to 6,000
  • High Pile Feeder Up to 7.09"
  • Runs up to 400 gsm stock
  • Automatic programming with 6 standard fold types
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Product Name Item Number Price Qty
Multigraf CF375 Table Extension for Paper Length Up To 1050mm 04CPBTBLEXT
Multigraf Special Delivery Trolly for Formats Up To 1050mm 04CPBMU375100231
Optional Perforating, Scoring and Slitting Device for Multigraf TOUCHLINE CF375 04CPBCF375PSS
Slitting/perforating unit 1.5 mm for Multigraf CF/TF/TCF 04CPBMU375100163
Slitting/perforating unit 4 mm for Multigraf CF/TF/TCF 04CPBMU375100164
Slitting/perforating unit 7 mm for Multigraf CF/TF/TCF 04CPBMU375100165
Slitting/perforating unit 10 mm for Multigraf CF/TF/TCF 04CPBMU375100166
Slitting unit (2 Guide wheels slitting knife and pressure spring) for Multigraf CF/TF/TCF 04CPBMU375100167
Perforating knife 7 mm spare knife for Multigraf CF/TF/TCF 04CPBMU235000308
Perforating knife 4 mm spare knife for Multigraf CF/TF/TCF 04CPBMU235000310
Perforating knife 1.5 mm spare knife for Multigraf CF/TF/TCF 04CPBMU235000311
Perforating knife 10 mm spare knife for Multigraf CF/TF/TCF 04CPBMU235000321
Slitting knife spare knife for Multigraf CF/TF/TCF 04CPBMU235000312
Scoring unit (1 scoring wheel / 2 guiding wheels) for Multigraf CF/TF/TCF 04CPBMU235165

Product Description

The CF375 Creaser, Folder is a print finishing machine designed for mid- to high-volume printers, offering efficient creasing and folding capabilities. With a maximum output of 6,000 creased and folded sheets per hour, it provides non-stop productivity for demanding printing needs.This machine is suitable for a wide range of documents, supporting weights of up to 400 gsm (grams per square meter) and sizes up to 14.76" x 39.37". It can be further enhanced with an optional tray extension for accommodating larger paper sizes. One of the key features of the CF375 is its automation and flexibility. It offers more automation and versatility than other systems in its class, making it a convenient choice for print finishing operations. The Multigraf Swingbar System integrated into this print finisher is specifically designed to prevent cracking during the creasing process, ensuring high-quality results. Additionally, the CF375 comes equipped with an air knife that enables precise sheet separation, further enhancing the overall print finishing process. This feature helps to prevent any mishaps or misalignments when handling sheets.Furthermore, this print finishing system can also function independently as a stand-alone creaser or perforator, providing added versatility for various print finishing requirements. One of the notable advantages of the CF375 is its automatic setting creation. By simply pressing a button, the system generates all the necessary settings automatically, streamlining the setup process and saving time.

Product Details

  • Automatic programming
  • 6 standard fold types
  • Stacking unit
  • Reliable paper transport
  • Suction feeder
  • Versatile and expandable
  • Options:
    • Table extension
    • An optional online perforating device is available for the lower outlet level

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Item Specifications

  • Operating Unit: Color touch screen
  • Exit conveyor: 820 mm (32.28")
  • Reception capacity: 120 mm (4.72")
  • Speed (sheet/hour): Up to 6 000, depends on the application
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 1860 x 600 x 1320 mm (73.23 x 23.62 x 52")
  • Weight: 168 kg (370.38 lbs)
  • Power supply: 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
  • Feeding:
    • Feeding system: Suction feeding
    • Feeding capacity: 180 mm (7.09")
    • Minimum paper size: 105 x 148 mm (4.13 x 5.83")
    • Maximum paper size: 375 x 660 mm (14.76 x 25.98") 375 x 1050 mm (14.76 x 41.34") with the extension table
    • Double sheet detection: Ultra sonic
  • Creasing:
    • Recommended paper weight for creasing: 80 to 400 gsm or up to 0.4mm (Depends on material quality.)
    • Creasing system: Creasing bar
    • Creasing types: 2
    • Creasing depth: 3, automatic adjustment for each type
    • Amount of creases: 20
    • Distance between 2 creases: 30 mm
  • Folding:
    • Folding System: Multigraf Pro-Knife
    • Amount of folds: 2
    • Minimum length of the fold: 30 mm (1.18")
    • Maximum length of the fold: 500 mm (19.69")

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