Permacolor PermaPrint IP5000 Series White Perm/Perm Back Mounting Films
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Permacolor PermaPrint IP5000 Series White Perm/Perm Back Mounting Films

Brand: Mactac
  • One paper release liner allows for fast lamination
  • Color: White
  • Films: Polyester (PET)
  • Liner Category: 96# White Polycoated Paper
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Product Description

These Permacolor PermaPrint White Perm/Perm Back Mounting Film are white opaque plastic film double coated with a high-tack, high-bond acrylic adhesive for mounting graphics to a wide variety of mounting boards and other surfaces. It is designed for quick adhesion to a variety of mounting surfaces and can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. The single release liner permits easy lamination and eliminates the need to remove a second liner in applications where that may be difficult or impossible. These Permacolor PermaPrint White Perm/Perm Back Mounting Film have a smooth, adhesive construction that permit distortion-free mounting of photographic prints and other graphic images to a wide variety of substrates including Fome-Cor, Gatorfoam, Crescent board, Masonite and Sintra.

Product Details

  • Features and Benefits:
    • One paper release liner allows for fast lamination
  • Typical Uses:
    • Mounting of images to black gator, Sintra and other typical mounting substrates

  • Physical Properties
    Property Typical Values Test Method
    Thickness mils (mm)
    Carrier and Adhesive

    1/1 (0.028/0.028)
    4.5 (0.114)
    ASTM D-645
    Peel Adhesion, lb. /in.
    (N/25 mm)

    Stainless Steel
    - 30 min.
    - 24 hr.

    3.5 (19)
    4.0 (22)
    PSTC - 3
    Quick Tack lb. /in² (N/25mm)
    Stainless Steel
    4.4 (17.5) MACtac CTM-25
    Shear, Hours to Fail
    Stainless Steel
    150 PSTC - 7
    Temperature Ranges
    Application for best results:
    End Use:

    50° to 120°F (10° - 49°C)
    -20° to 200°F (-30° to 93°C)
    Adhesive pH Neutral TAPPI-529
  • Shelf Life
    Two years when stored at 75°F (24°C) and 50% relative humidity or less. Note: Mactac recommends that rolls be stored on end or suspended from the core.
  • Limitations
    1) The user is responsible for determining the product’s suitability, including adhesion and if needed, removal characteristics when used in applications other than listed specifically in this Performance Guide.
    2) If there are any questions about applications, please contact your Mactac sales representative to discuss your requirements for recommendations.
    3) If this is a printed Performance Guide it is an uncontrolled document. Please check the Mactac website for the latest, most up-to-date version.
  • General Comments
    • 1. Where exposure to chemicals, solvents or high pressure wash is anticipated, Mactac recommends sealing the edges with varnish, silicone or other sealant to prevent penetration by these liquids.
    • 2. Prints should not be applied onto dusty, dirty, oily or oxidized surfaces.
    • 3. The mounting board must be properly prepared prior to mounting the image. This may include wiping with alcohol, light sanding or surface sealing depending on the board. Contact your board supplier for their recommendation.
    • 4. Mactac's pressure sensitive mounting films are intended for "Cold Roll Lamination" (50°F - 120°F). The addition of heat while simultaneous mounting with Thermal Overlaminates may result in curl or have other detrimental effects on the finished product.
    • 5. Whenever possible, always test first to ensure end-use capability.
    • Values given are typical and are not necessarily for use in specification.

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Item Specifications

  • Adhesive Category: Optically Clear
  • Adhesive Type: Permanent/Permanent Acrylic
  • Carrier: Polypropylene (PP)
  • Color: White
  • Films: Polyester (PET)
  • Length: Varies
  • Width: Varies
  • Liner Category: 96# White Polycoated Paper
  • Outdoor Durability: 5 Years
  • Precise Program: N
  • Thickness: 1.8 mil

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