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Stapler Style Slot Punch With Centering Guide - 3943-1020

Stapler Style Slot Punch With Centering Guide - 3943-1020

Stapler Style Slot Punch With Centering Guide - 3943-1020

Stapler Style Slot Punch With Centering Guide - 3943-1020

Part #: 3943-1020
Brand: MyBinding
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This high quality stapler style slot punch makes adding a slot to your ID badge, name tags or key cards easier than ever. You can use this slot punch as a hand held unit or place it on a desktop for larger punching jobs (whatever is most comfortable for you). This punch can handle laminated documents, card stock and PVC ID cards up to 33mil thick. It even has a receptacle to collect the punched slots so that you can reduce the mess in your workplace. This particular punch has a centering guide to help you make sure that your slots are aligned correctly on your badge or ID. The centering guide is adjustable and can be locked into place for larger punching jobs. This particular model is built with better quality hardware than the similar Tamerica Stapler Slot Punch with guide.

Product Details

  • Type: Stapler Style Slot Punch
  • Slot Size: 1/8" x 0.55" (3mm x 14mm)
  • Centering Guides: Yes
  • Construction: Steel
  • Part Number: 3943-1020, P-8
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


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Reviewed on 9/7/2015

This product works very well especially when it is new. I have had 4 exactly like this product and over time it does not work as well. I do use it extensively and I guess that is the reason it wears down.

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Stapler Style Slot Punch With Guide Review

As ID badges and key cards grow in popularity, so does the need for a slot punch. The Stapler Style Slot Punch is an excellent tool to have handy in any office, especially those utilizing name tags and other badges with strap clips. This particular punch offers a high quality design built for low to medium volume operations. It creates industry standard slots that come out consistently every time. Here is a closer look at the details.


  • The compact and lightweight design add to the convenience of this slot punch. It can easily store in your desk drawer for instant access. Or for shared use, it won't take up much space in a general office supply cabinet. And since it weighs less than two pounds, it won't be any trouble to carry from desk to desk or wherever a punch is needed.

  • The petite dimensions allow it to be used either on a desktop or simply in your hands. A larger organization may find it easier to leave on a desk for easier operation. Other users may prefer the flexibility of carrying it with them for on-the-go use. This punch will work well in either instance.

  • This slot punch has the added benefit of a built-in centering guide. This allows your ID card or whatever you're punching to have the slot in the exact place needed, often in the very center. The guide aids in correct alignment and will save you time lining up the badge. It also takes the guesswork out of punching, since it shows you exactly where to punch. The guide is adjustable and can be locked into place for larger applications requiring the same punch.

  • Solid steel construction easily slices through laminated documents, heavy cardstock, and PVC ID cards up to 33mm thick. The hole remaining measures 3mm by 14mm, the industry standard for slots to be used with straps. A built-in trash receptacle collects the small chads and reduces the mess created, keeping your office free of litter from the punch.

  • This model is guaranteed by a one year manufacturer warranty.


  • The Stapler Style Slot Punch is rated for low to medium volume punching. For many offices, this will be completely adequate and last for a long time. But high volume use on a daily basis will wear this punch out quicker than you may wish. For heavier usage, we recommend either a heavy duty slot punch or using multiple devices spread between several people to lighten the load on just one tool.

  • This punch is operated manually. Again, this will be just fine for most offices. However, companies producing a higher quantity of items needing to be punched will prefer an electric device, which is not only faster but also less tiresome for the person doing the punching.

As you can see, the Stapler Style Slot Punch is a perfect device to have handy in any office. Whether you need occasional or daily punching, this tool will work reliably for you. It is especially recommended for schools, hospitals, security desks, and other controlled environments. It works great for creating key cards, name badges, luggage tags, lanyards, and more. We think this is an excellent device to add to your office.

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