Uncollated 1/8th Cut 110lb Mylar Coated Copier Tabs 3 Holes - Pos 5

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Item# XT1108POS53HP
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These are MyBinding Uncollated 1/8th cut 110lb plain paper copier tabs pre-punched in a 3 hole pattern; they are a single position copier tab. These copier tabs also have a Mylar coating on the tabs that is toner receptive. MyBinding tabs are the finest tabs in the industry for on-demand printing. Print custom tabs on demand in high speed copiers in high speed copiers or laser printers to organize and highlight bound documents. Make manuals easier to use, proposals more powerful, and information easier to find MyBinding tabs are reliable and trouble free. They work with all leading copier/printers including Xerox, Canon, IBM, Ricoh, Heidelberg, Oce and others. Refer to the latest Tab Capable Equipment List for more details. No one provides better copier tabs than MyBinding. They are the market leader with more variety, capabilities and experience than anyone. These are position 5 out of 8 copier tabs. They are made out of 110lb index stock.
These tabs are made to order and as such are Not Returnable. Uncollated tabs with standard options take approximately 3-4 days to ship and tabs that are punched for binding may take an additional week to produce. If you need copier tabs or punched copier tabs faster than this please give us a call and we can check to see which tab styles are on our shelves and available for immediate shipment.

Product Details

  • Tab Size: 8.5" x 11" Body with 1/2" Tab Extension
  • Paper Weight: 110lb Index
  • Brightness: 92 Bright
  • Collation: Uncollated
  • Tab Cut: 1/3rd Cut (3 tabs on 11 inch edge) to 1/10th Cut (10 tabs on 11 inch edge)
  • Punching: 3-hole
  • Tab Coating: Toner receptive Mylar
  • Quantity: 1280 Tabs / 160 Sets
  • Old Part Number: HO199830336

Demonstration Video

MyBinding Copier Tabs Demo Video

Transcript: Welcome to MyBinding Video. These are MyBinding Copier Tabs, designed to print on with laser toner printers.First off, the are organized in different ways: Single Reverse has the last tab on top, and the first tab on the bottom, it repeats this way through the whole stack.Double Reverse starts with the last tab, but is organized that there are two of the same position of tab next to each other.Straight collated tabs are organized as you would present them in a binder or book with the first tab on the top.Then there is uncollated, which gives you only one position of tab. Which organizational s ...

How to Print on Copier Tabs Video

Transcript: Welcome to MyBinding Video. This is How to Print on Copier Tabs!First, there are a few questions to ask:Can your printer print directly onto the tabs—more specifically from your computer? If you know it can, then you won’t need this video, just set it correctly in your print setup.When troubleshooting, you also have to ask:  can your printer print on 9 x 11 inch pages?What side of the paper does your printer print on?And what type of tab arrangement do you need?You may be able to avoid all this troubleshooting by checking your printer’s manual for clear steps on printing ...