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Fastbind Express Plus Portable Bookbinding Station

Fastbind Express Plus Portable Bookbinding Station

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Fastbind Express Plus Portable Bookbinding Station

Part #: FBExpressPlus
Brand: Fastbind
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The new Fastbind Express Plus is the most multifunctional but still portable bookbinding station. This ultra-compact unit includes several finishing options: FotoMount lay-flat, BooXTer binding, creasing, case making. With the Express Plus, you produce fully personalized beautiful hard covers - up to 12" x 12" -, as well as CD/DVD/Blu-ray cases, menus, wall art, ring binders and more using the case-making tool. You bind both single-sided and duplex prints. Single-sided prints are made into premium 180-degree-opening FotoMount albums. Duplex prints are stapled into strong and beautiful books with the BooXTer tool. To help folding prints easily, the creasing tool is also included.

Product Details

  • Binding single-sided prints. Use Fastbind FotoMount binding for single-sidedprints. With the new MountingWall system, it's easy to make exclusive-looking FotoMount binding.
  • 180-degree-opening layflat albums. FotoMount binding is the optimal choice for high-endbusiness portfolios and premium photo albums.
  • Binding duplex prints. Use quick-and-easy BooXTer binding for duplex prints. The blue guide fingers in front ensure perfect alignment of both book block and staples.
  • Strong and beautiful books. BooXTer-bound books are stylish and durable. No worries about loose-leaf binding.
  • Case making and cover mounting. Making fully personalized wrap-around covers is easier than ever. Covermounting is easy and quick with preglued end sheets and position magnets.
  • Creasing. With the ruler and position magnet you can easily crease your prints accurately by using the handheld creasing tool.
  • FotoMount binding, BooXTer binding, Case making and creasing in one.
  • Binds both single-sided and duplex prints.
  • Case making, creasing and folding tools included.
  • Compatible with: Fastbind Presso.


  • Unit dimensions W x L x H (compact mode): 760 x 630 x 250 mm (29.9" x 24.8" x 9.8")
  • Unit dimensions W x L x H (extended mode): 520 x 630 x 340 mm (20.5" x 24.8" x 13.4")
  • Package dimensions W x L x H: Approx. 620 x 620 x 300 mm (24.4" x 24.4" x 11.8")
  • Net / gross weight: 17 / 18.5 kg (37 5/40,8 lbs)
  • Book format: up to 305 mm x 305 mm (12" x 12")
  • Binding technology for single-sided prints: FotoMount binding with MountingWall system, binding thickness up to 50 mm. 3-side guillotine cut needed (guillotine not included)
  • Binding technology for duplex prints: Manual BooXTer side staple binding, binding thickness up to 8 mm (depending on materials).
  • Creasing & folding: Handheld creasing tool included. Metric / standard ruler and guide fingers for square and precise positioning.
  • Case Making: up to 12" x 12" format either using grey boards or Fastbind Blank Cases
  • FotoMount binding supplies: Fastbind FotoMount Mounting sheets™ form the core of the book block. Fastbind FotoMount End Sheets™ attach your book block to the cover.
  • Staples for BooXTer binding: Rapid SuperSTRONG 24/8+
  • Standard cover sizes: A4 portait, A4 landscape, 203x203, 305x305.
  • BooXTer Manager Hardcovers, standard colors: Black, White, Dark Red, Dark Blue
  • PrintMount Covers, standard colors: Manager Black and Manager White. Custom sizes and colors available upon requests.
  • Part Number: FBExpressPlus


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