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EZ-Load Ultima 35 Laminating Film

Ever had headaches when thinking about laminating your prints? Scared of wrapping the rollers on your laminating machine and ending up with a huge mess? Worry no more, these laminating rolls are specifically created to make your life easier. Designed for the GBC Ultima 35 EzLoad Laminator, these premium NapLam II films will not only make your prints stand out but they are so easy to load you won't believe it! Select the right one for you, whether it's the 1.7 mil in 12"x300' or the 10 mil thickness in 12"x100'. They are made so that it is impossible to load them backwards. Give it a try for yourself and spend more time laminating and less time worrying.
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  1. GBC Ultima 35 EZLoad Laminating Film Image 1
    • Film Finish: Clear
    • Core Size: Ezload
    • Thickness: 1.7mil, 3mil or 5mil
    • Hot or Cold: Hot
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    GBC Ultima 35 EZload Laminating Film - 5mil 12" x 100' (2 Rolls)3000052EZ

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    GBC Ultima 35 EZload Laminating Film - 1.7mil 12" x 300' (2 Rolls)3125365EZ

    Your Price: $86.89

    GBC Ultima 35 EZload Laminating Film - 3mil 12" x 200' (2 Rolls)3125913EZ

    Your Price: $115.79

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