1.2mil Gloss Nylon Digital Lay Flat Laminating Film
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1.2mil Gloss Nylon Digital Lay Flat Laminating Film

Brand: MyBinding
  • 21 different size combinations
  • Curl reducing agents
  • Sticks to digital, inkjet and photographic output
  • Commonly used for perfect bound books, posters, etc.
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Please Note: Ships in 2–3 Business Days

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Product Description

MyBinding 1.2mil gloss nylon digital lay flat laminating film is designed to help reduce curl in single sided laminating applications. It can be used with most high quality roll laminators with one inch mandrels (for best results a machine with fully adjustable speed and temperature is recommended). Our 1.2mil 11.75" x 500' nylon lay flat film is perfect for high speed lamination of single sided prints or documents. Plus, digital lay flat nylon films are made with an aggressive copolymer adhesive that is designed to stick to digital, inkjet and photographic output. The ultra grip adhesive provides a superior bond and helps to prevent delamination of your most important prints. Digital lay flat laminating film is commonly used for production of perfect bound book covers, posters, maps and dust jackets. Product number CBDLF121175500DG-1. ** This 1.2mil Gloss Nylon Digital Lay Flat Laminating Film is custom slit and can take up to 3 days to ship, if you need the film faster than this please give us a call and we can try to help you meet your deadline. Digital nylon lay flat films are also available in lengths up to 10,000 feet and in a variety of widths up to 27.5 inches. If you need a size or length that you do not see here please call us for a quote.**

Product Details

  • Film Type: Nylon Digital Lay Flat Laminating Film
  • Thickness: 1.2 Mil
  • Roll Width: 11.75" - 27.5"
  • Roll Length: 500'
  • Film Finish: Gloss
  • Core Size: 1"

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Part NumberRoll WidthRoll LengthThicknessFilm Finish
CBDLF121175500DG-111.75"500'1.2 milGloss
CBDLF121775500DG-117.75"500'1.2 milGloss
CBDLF12185500DG-118.5"500'1.2 milGloss
CBDLF121875500DG-118.75"500'1.2 milGloss
CBDLF12195500DG-119.5"500'1.2 milGloss
CBDLF12245500DG-124.5"500'1.2 milGloss
CBDLF12275500DG-127.5"500'1.2 milGloss
CBDLF1211751000DG-111.75"1000'1.2 milGloss
CBDLF1217751000DG-117.75"1000'1.2 milGloss
CBDLF121851000DG-118.5"1000'1.2 milGloss
CBDLF1218751000DG-118.75"1000'1.2 milGloss
CBDLF121951000DG-119.5"1000'1.2 milGloss
CBDLF122451000DG-124.5"1000'1.2 milGloss
CBDLF122751000DG-127.5"1000'1.2 milGloss
CBDLF1211753000DG-311.75"3000'1.2 milGloss
CBDLF1217753000DG-317.75"3000'1.2 milGloss
CBDLF121853000DG-318.5"3000'1.2 milGloss
CBDLF1218753000DG-318.75"3000'1.2 milGloss
CBDLF121953000DG-319.5"3000'1.2 milGloss
CBDLF122453000DG-324.5"3000'1.2 milGloss
CBDLF122753000DG-327.5"3000'1.2 milGloss

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