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Powis Fastback Hard Cover Headbands

Powis Parker wants to make sure every detail of your bound document looks professional and behaves practically. These headbands for the Fastback hard cover line are the narrow strips of solid or striped fabric at the top and bottom of a book block. Nowadays they're not necessary, but they still add that classy touch. We have them in 4 different color combinations: black/red, white/black, white/dark blue, and white/red. You can order 25 per box, and they come in 6" strips. Add that extra classic, antique touch with these headbands today!
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  1. Fastback Hardcover Headbands - 25pk Image 1

    Fastback Hardcover Headbands - 25pk

    Fastback Hardcover Headbands - 25pk Image 1
    • Get the look of a stitched hard bound book.
    • Available in maroon, cream, dark blue, white/dark blue, white/red and white/black.
    • Narrow width, 6" length.
    • 25 headbands per package.
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    Fastback Black / Red Hardcover Headbands - 25pk HZHBR

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    Fastback White / Dark Blue Hardcover Headbands - 25pk HZHWN

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    Fastback White / Red Hardcover Headbands - 25pk HZHWR

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