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MyBinding has everything you need for binding your documents and reports. Whether you're looking for an easy to use and feature-rich machine or the binding supplies to make them work, we've got you covered. Browse our large selection of machines, supplies, and report covers to find what you're looking for.

Binding Styles Comparison Chart

Having a hard time choosing the best binding style for your unique needs? Use the comparison chart below to compare some of the most important features of each so you can buy your binding machine and binding supplies with confidence.
Binding Styles Comparison Chart

Whether you're publishing a book, polishing a report, or updating your employee handbook, MyBinding has the best binding solution for all levels of users. From home offices to businesses, and schools to print shops, we can handle all of your document binding needs. Binding machines simplify the production of professional-looking documents for presentation, whether for internal or external use. When picking a binding machine, consider what style of document binding you need, how much you're going to use it each day (or each hour), and how you want your final product to look.

Finding the best document binding method to use will help you save both time and money as you prepare for your next important presentation or meeting. When purchasing a binding machine, don’t forget to grab the compatible binding supplies and stock up to ensure you can get all of your book binding done with efficiency and ease.

Binding Machines:
Use binding machines to assemble reports that are professional-looking for meetings, presentations, or academic assignments. We've got the experience and knowledge to guide you from start to finish on your document binding. MyBinding carries many machines to suit different needs or looks when binding your projects. Our most popular binding machines are coil binding, wire binding, plastic comb binding, and thermal binding. Read on a bit more to get some understanding of different binding machines and their binding supplies, and don’t worry, MyBinding has both.

Coil Binding Machines:
Professional books and documents can be made with the help of spiral coil binding machines, which punches holes in the paper and cover using a round or oval punch. The spiral binding is spun in after the holes are punched. Once the binding spine is inserted, the ends are crimped using a manual crimper or electric crimping machine to secure the bind. Books with coil bindings can be folded completely back on themselves (turn a full 360°), allowing for one-handed reading. Books that are coil bound outlast the majority of other conventional document binding types because they are so flexible and strong, easily bouncing back to their original shape, even after heavy handling.

Coil Binding Supplies:
Unlike other binding methods, coil binding spines offer unparalleled adaptability. The spiral coils' capacity to maintain their shape makes them the perfect choice for materials that will be handled often. Documents bound with a coil binding can be opened entirely flat on a table, and the pages can be rotated through 360 degrees for convenient photocopying and note-taking. Notebooks, calendars, and instruction manuals are just some of the many uses for spiral binding.

With over forty colors of plastic coil to choose from, companies can match the colors of practically any business's branding. Spiral coil is also widely used by the arts community, educational institutions, and scrapbookers due to its wide availability in a wide range of vibrant, unique colors. Take your presentations or bound books to the next level with custom binding supplies. Don’t hesitate to call our sales professionals for printed combs.

Coil binding spines are available in widths ranging from 6mm to 50mm. Thus, coil binding can be utilized for papers ranging in thickness from just a few pages to over 450. Spiral coil binding is one of the affordable solutions for custom-sized books.

Comb Binding Machines:
Comb binding is another popular and cheap book binding method for schools, home use, and offices of all sizes. These make a great addition if you would rather comb bind in-house instead of outsourcing to a third-party. Both manual and electric punching options are offered for plastic comb binding machines. When you need to create plastic-bound documents on demand but have a smaller school, workplace, or church, a manual comb binding machine is a perfect option. These binding machines will have a handle-operated manual punching feature, and the majority of them might also have a handle-operated comb opener. Anyone who needs to bind fewer than 100 books per month should use manual comb binding equipment. They are simple to operate, so anyone in your company can do so whenever they need to while still providing a tidy and expert finish.

For medium-sized to larger offices, businesses, schools, and more, an electric comb binding machine is the best option. Basically, anyone who needs to bind their own documents on-demand. An electronic comb binder could be of great use to anyone who binds more than roughly 100 documents every month. It speeds up the operation and minimizes the strain on the user. These machines will have electric punching that is controlled by a pedal or a button, and a comb opener that is manually operated by a handle. The foot pedal feature is wonderful because it allows both of your hands to manage to the paperwork, which can give to significantly faster production speeds. The binding is operated by a handle; to use it, you just position the comb over the punching teeth, pull the handle to open the mechanism, and thread in the pages. These electric binding machines make quick work of finishing books while maintaining a high standard of quality throughout. Take your presentations or bound books to the next level with custom binding supplies. Don’t hesitate to call our sales professionals for custom binding length combs.

Comb Openers
If your company punches and finishes a lot of plastic comb binding or if you just need to get done quickly, you could invest in two machines. The comb binding method make it easy to release your comb, insert your pages, and close your book. Also, if you have a separate unit, one person can do the binding and another can do the finishing. MyBinding offers the largest selection of comb binding machines on the market. We carry the best binding machine brands, including:

Wire Binding Machines:

Wire binding machines are sometimes referred to as “Double-Loop”, “Twin Loop”, “Duo-Wire”, “Double-O”, or just “Wire Binding”, and they’re another popular way to bind documents. Wire binding machines bind items together with metal wire rather than the spiral coil, despite the fact that the two methods are similar. While spiral binding has many of the same advantages, wire binding has more of an exclusive appearance. Pages are secured using the conventional wire binding technique, making it impossible to change them without also unbinding the book.

The majority of wire binding machines are portable and manual. For general document binding needs or low-volume operations, there are wire binding machines that are manual, operated using punch and closing handles. If you have more volume or are a larger business, you can consider some of our electric wire binding machines. Wire binding machines usually don’t need a lot of maintenance and are durable enough for the long-term binding of big volumes.

Whether you're looking for a 2:1 pitch machine for larger books, a 3:1 pitch machine for lower volume, or a hybrid system like the Akiles WireMac Duo Combo, MyBinding offers the wire-o binding machines you’re looking to make double loop document binding easier.

Wire Binding Supplies:
Wire binding is the best option for businesses that want to produce books, manuals, or calendars on a professional level. No other conventional binding technique compares to the neat and upscale look that wire binding provides. We offer twin-loop wire spines in 2:1 pitch and 3:1 pitch, along with different colors in our stocked inventory of wire binding spines.

But what’s the difference between 2:1 and 3:1 pitch wire? 2:1 (pronounced “two to one”) pitch wire bind machines punch 21 holes on an 11-inch binding edge. Depending on the machine, these holes may be square (most common) or round. It means two holes are punched for every inch. In general, 2:1 pitch binds between 140 and 250 sheets of 20 lb paper. 3:1 (pronounced “three to one”) pitch wire bind machines punch 32 holes on an 11-inch binding edge. The holes are also square or round, but tend to be smaller. 3:1 punched books have three holes per inch of binding length. When binding 20-pound paper, a 3:1 pitch typically holds 2-125 sheets together.

Need to complete a lot of customized wire binding? Then consider placing an order for twin loop wire binding spools. A spool of wire allows you the flexibility to have any length of wire for simple binding, whether it's cut by hand or used with a sizable automatic twin loop wire binding machine.

Thermal Binding Machines:
To create a desktop version of the "perfect binding," method, thermal binding machines attach pages to the spine of thermal covers. When the spine of the covers is heated, the material on the spine gets thin enough to seep into the pages. When the glue has cooled, it’s bonded to the paper and will not peel off. There is no need for coils or combs, and no need to line them up or punch holes. The typical heating time ranges from 45 to 120 seconds, making this one of the fastest binding methods. It’s important to decide ahead which thermal binding supplies you’ll use so that you get the proper tools. Then you'll be able to decide which models, features, and costs are best suited for you.

Thermal Binding Supplies:
One of the simplest and most professional methods for document binding of all kinds is thermal binding. It enables you to produce books with both hard covers and soft covers without the need for expensive equipment or a messy, time-consuming glue application method. What makes thermal binding covers one of the simplest ways to bind books is that the glue is pre-applied into the interior of the spine. The most popular thermal binding covers include:

Binding Report Covers:
There is no better way to safeguard your important documents than with binding covers. Give every report or presentation a tidy, polished appearance, and binding combs and spines keep pages snugly fastened while still allowing them to turn smoothly. Protect your project from stains, dust, and fingerprints with a transparent cover that still lets you see the title page. Embossed finishes and faux linen or leather textures on heavy paper stock or thick plastic covers can offer a touch of class. A binding cover for your presentation's front can make a huge difference. Whether you want a simple, clear cover to show off your title page, or a sophisticated regency leatherette cover with your company logo printed on the front, MyBinding has you covered.

Your document binding solution is at MyBinding. Our sales professionals are ready to help you! Don’t hesitate to give us a call at -800-944-4573 or shoot us an email at [email protected] if you need help choosing the best binding option for your unique needs.

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