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A5 Size Binding Covers

Add more strength to your documents and give your project the support it needs with these high quality chipboard covers. Perfect for any A5 sized project that requires more rigidity, these covers are available with a thickness ranging from 18pt to 46pt, ideal for various applications. Use them for your presentations or notebooks, scrapbooks or creative projects – you can die cut, paint or stamp them to customize your project exactly the way you want. The best part? These are made with 100% recycled materials, so you can do your part for the environment and finish your projects to a high standard at the same time!
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  1. A5 Size Chipboard Covers Image 1

    A5 Size Chipboard Covers

    A5 Size Chipboard Covers Image 1
    • Can be ordered in 5 different thickness
    • Available unpunched or 8 various punch styles
    • Comes in packs of 25
    • 100% brown recycled chipboard covers
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    A5 Size 18pt Chipboard Covers - 25pkMYCBA5-18

    Your Price: $8.19

    A5 Size 20pt Chipboard Covers - 25pkMYCBA5-20

    Your Price: $8.49

    A5 Size 24pt Chipboard Covers - 25pkMYCBA5-24

    Your Price: $8.69

    A5 Size 35pt Chipboard Covers - 25pkMYCBA5-35

    Your Price: $16.39

    A5 Size 46pt Chipboard Covers - 25pkMYCBA5-46

    Your Price: $17.49

    A5 Size 59pt Chipboard Covers - 25pkMYCBA5-59

    Your Price: $19.24

    A5 Size 79pt Chipboard Covers - 25pkMYCBA5-79

    Your Price: $21.16

    A5 Size 87pt Chipboard Covers - 25pkMYCBA5-87

    Your Price: $23.28

    A5 Size 98pt Chipboard Covers - 25pkMYCBA5-98

    Your Price: $23.28

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