Mat Cutter Accessories by Logan Graphics
This Mat Cutter Accessories is a great choice for enhancing various Logan Graphics cutters, kits, and equipment. Check out the various options listed below – they are all available at a great price you can only find at MyBinding! The Acrylic Plastic Cutter can be used either on its own to cut plastics and acrylic materials, with the Team System Plus, or with the Artist, Complex, and Simplex series, just like the Glass Cutter Elite. The Logan Adapt-A-Rule Guiderails will help you achieve perfectly straight lines when used with various handheld or board mounted cutters from Logan.

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  1. Acrylic Plastic Cutter from Logan Graphics - 709-1

    • Hand held cutting tool for cutting plastic & acrylic sheets.
    • Inexpensive & handy for quick sizing in general framing.
    • Use in conjunction with suitable straight edge or most Logan equipment (including Team System Plus, Compact, Artist and Simplex series).
    • Features a fold back blade and can be used with most Logan board mount mat cutters or any suitable straight edge.
    Part #: LGN709-1


  2. Logan Adapt-A-Rule Guiderails

    • Sizes: 24" (61cm), 40" (101cm) and 60" (152cm)
    • The 24" (61cm) and 40" (101cm) models includes a non-slip rubberized base and US or metric ruled guides and 60" (152cm) model includes a C-clamp.
    • Upgrade kit including nylon guides and screws.
    • Compatible with Handheld Mat Cutter models 2000 Push Style or 4000 Deluxe Pull Style, Straight Cutter, Glass Cutter, or Mat Knife.

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    Logan Adapt-A-Rule 24" Guiderail - 524LGN524
    Logan Adapt-A-Rule 40" Guiderail - 540LGN540
    Logan Adapt-A-Rule 60" Guiderail - 560LGN560
  3. Glass Cutter Elite from Logan Graphics - 704-1

    • Hand held glass cutting tool.
    • Ergonomic handle, hardened steel cutting wheel (Logan #786).
    • Works on Logan equipment where cutting heads hook on (including Team System Plus, Compact, Artist and Simplex series.)
    • Includes 1 oz (30ml) bottle of cutting fluid.
    Part #: LGN704-1


3 Items

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