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Logan Graphic Products, Inc.

Logan is an industry leader in producing high quality cutting tools and accessories designed to make cutting professional looking mats fast and easy. Logan also produces equipment designed to cut other materials such as fabric, foam board and paper. Browse their full selection of products below.
Logan Graphic Products, Inc.
Logan is an industry leader in the production of mat cutting equipment and accessories. Their products are used by hobbyists, artists and professional framers. Since 1794, Logan has strived to innovate with unique designs that make cutting mats and other materials faster and easier. Borwse our selection of Logan products above to find the right equipment for your needs.

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  1. Logan Rigid Point Strips for F500-2 Dual Drive Elite

    • These points are for permanent installation of artwork in a frame
    • Fits logan dual driver models f500-1, f500-2.
    • Rigid point refill.
    • Includes 600 or 2500 points per pack.

    Starting At: $9.72

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  2. Logan Flexible Point Strips for F500-2 Dual Drive Elite

    • These points can be bent back after being inserted into the frame for easy changing of frame contents.
    • Fits logan dual driver models f500-1, f500-2.
    • Flexipoint refill.
    • Includes 600 or 2500 points per pack.

    Starting At: $9.88

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  3. Foam Board Rabbet Cutter by FoamWerks - WC4010

    • Innovative ergonomic construction and dual blade action create one-stroke finished results.
    • Features on-board blade storage and includes two blades.
    • Use as either a right-handed push style or left-handed pull style action.
    • Works with 3/16" (5mm) foam board.
    Part #: WC4010


  4. Compact Elite 32" Mat Cutter from Logan Graphics - 350-1

    • 32" (81.3cm) capacity
    • Bevel and straight cutting heads
    • Parallel mat guide
    • Hinged guide rail with production stops
    Part #: 350-1


  5. Logan F300-1 Picture Framing Studio Joiner

    • Drives all V-Nail sizes on a magnetic v-nail holder.
    • Quick depth adjustment.
    • Can be used on hard or soft wood.
    • Clamp will accept moulding up to 2 1/2" (6cm) width.
    Part #: LGNF300-1


  6. Logan F60 Picture Framing Dust Cover Trimmer

    • Uses Logan blade #270.
    • Used either left or right handed.
    • Features a safety blade cover when not in use.
    • Precisely trim the paper approximately 3/16" (5mm) from the outside edge.
    Part #: LGNF60


  7. Compact Classic 32" Mat Cutter from Logan Graphics - 301-1

    • 32" (81.3cm) capacity
    • Bevel cutting head and mat knife for straight cuts
    • Parallel mat guide
    • Spring loaded guide rail
    Part #: 301-1


  8. Oval & Circle Mat Cutter from Logan Graphics - 201

    • Converts from oval to circle with the turn of a knob.
    • Includes creative matting instructions.
    • Cuts ovals from 3-1/4" x 4-3/4" (8.25cm x 12cm) to 20"x 23" (51cm x 58cm).
    • Maximum difference between the width and height of oval is 3" (7.6mm).
    Part #: LGN201


  9. Logan 5000 8-Ply Bevel Handheld Mat Cutter

    • Features an adjustable depth magnetic blade holding magazine.
    • Has an ergonomic grip with adjustable nylon guides for use with various Logan straight edges and mat cutters.
    • Start and stop indicators for zero overcuts.
    • Uses Logan #271 blade.
    Part #: LGN5000


  10. Acrylic Plastic Cutter from Logan Graphics - 709-1

    • Hand held cutting tool for cutting plastic & acrylic sheets.
    • Inexpensive & handy for quick sizing in general framing.
    • Use in conjunction with suitable straight edge or most Logan equipment (including Team System Plus, Compact, Artist and Simplex series).
    • Features a fold back blade and can be used with most Logan board mount mat cutters or any suitable straight edge.
    Part #: LGN709-1


  11. Framer's Edge Elite 40" Professional Mat Cutter from Logan Graphics - 650-1

    • 40" (101cm) Capacity
    • Heavy duty model for serious artists and framers
    • Includes 32" (81cm) scaled and 9" (23cm) non-scaled squaring arms
    • Improved cutting head with smooth ball bearing action
    Part #: 650-1


  12. Foam Board Hole Drill by FoamWerks - WD8011

    • One of three interchangeable quick-change drill tips included.
    • Choose 3/4", 1/2" and 0.28" (7mm, 12.7mm, 19mm diameters.
    • Works with 3/16"(5mm) foam board.
    • Feature quick change blades and ergonomic designs.
    Part #: WD8011


  13. Foam Board Circle Cutter by FoamWerks - WA8001

    • Cut perfect circles from 1" to 6" (2.5cm to 15.25cm) diameters.
    • Center depth indicator shows blade progression for board depths from 1/8" to 1/2" (3.1mm to 12.7mm).
    • Features dual inch/metric rail, centering pin, magnetic blade slot and clear acrylic safety dome.
    • Includes five blades. Use replacement blades WA-5 or WA-20.
    Part #: WA8001


  14. Replacement Glass Wheels for Logan Glass Cutter Elite

    • Use with Logan 704-1 Glass Cutter Elite.
    • Best way to cut a great mat is with a sharp blade.
    • Specifically sharpened to give a professional finished edge to a mat.
    • Comes in Glass Cutter Wheels.
    Part #: LGN786


  15. Simplex Elite 60" Mat Cutter from Logan Graphics - 760-1

    • 60" (152cm) capacity
    • Multi-material mat cutting system with parallel mat guide in aluminum channels
    • Hinged guide rail, pull style bevel cutting head and #701-1 Straight Cutter
    • 32" (81cm) scaled squaring arm with stop for downsizing
    Part #: 760-1


  16. Logan Adapt-A-Rule Guiderails

    • Sizes: 24" (61cm), 40" (101cm) and 60" (152cm)
    • The 24" (61cm) and 40" (101cm) models includes a non-slip rubberized base and US or metric ruled guides and 60" (152cm) model includes a C-clamp.
    • Upgrade kit including nylon guides and screws.
    • Compatible with Handheld Mat Cutter models 2000 Push Style or 4000 Deluxe Pull Style, Straight Cutter, Glass Cutter, or Mat Knife.

    Starting At: $26.94

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    Logan Adapt-A-Rule 24" Guiderail - 524LGN524
    Logan Adapt-A-Rule 40" Guiderail - 540LGN540
    Logan Adapt-A-Rule 60" Guiderail - 560LGN560

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