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Paitec is known worldwide for producing high quality mailing products. They manufacture machines for folding, sealing and handling mail. Browse our selection of products below to find the one you need for your mailroom.
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Formed in August 2008 by the former owners of two nationally ranked postage meter and paper handling equipment dealerships in Miami Lakes, Florida, Paitec has quickly become one of the most recognized brands for dependability, affordability, and innovation. Continually designing new and better mail and paper handling solutions for the world, Paitec USA stands on the forefront of paper handling, folding, and pressure sealing manufacturing. Paitec USA designs all of their production equipment with oversized sealing rollers for maximum pressure, patented angle seal feed design, heavy duty cycle volumes, and their patented reverse feed motor technology. is proud to not only carry he full line of Paitec USA mailing and paper handling equipment, we also service these products for our customers. Our trained technical support staff is available to help you with any issues that might arise with your Paitec paper folder, letter opener, or other machine. If we can't help you over the phone and you need someone to come to your organization we have a network of technicians around the country that are ready and willing to come to your organization and help you diagnose and repair your piece of equipment. If you are looking for a paper folding machine, paper jogger, pressure sealer, or full production system, you should check out the Paitec USA paper handling machines offered below.

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  1. Paitec USA LJ3200 Desktop Laser Air Paper Jogger

    • Designed for the laser printer environment.
    • Cools laser printed documents.
    • Anion ionizer minimizes static between paper sheets.
    • Perfect for preparing documents for folders, folders/inserters, and pressure sealers.
    Part #: LJ3200


  2. Paitec ES5500 Low-Volume Desktop Pressure Sealer and Folder

    • Deep 150 Sheet Feed Table
    • Double Feed Detection
    • LCD Touch Pad Control with Counter
    • Compact & Dynamic Design
    Part #: PES5500


  3. Paitec ES2500 Desktop Low-Volume Pressure Sealer

    • Perfect Sealing Quality and Low Noise Level
    • Compact and Dynamic Design
    • Excellent Folding Quality
    • Angled Seal Technology.
    Part #: ES2500


  4. Paitec ES8500 Tabletop Pressure Sealer

    • Feeder Capacity: Auto Lift Elevator Table Holds 700 28# Forms
    • Speed: Variable Speed Up To 9,000 Forms Per Hour
    • Fold Type: Z, EZ, C, EC, V, & Double Parallel
    • Duty Cycle: 130,000 Forms Per Month. 6,000 Avg. Per Day
    Part #: ES8500


  5. Paitec IM11500 In-line Pressure Sealer

    • Integrates With a Variety of Printers
    • Duty Cycle: 200,000 Forms Per Month
    • Includes Vertical Stacker, Cabinet, and Stand
    • Can Be Converted to Standalone Use
    Part #: IM11500


  6. Paitec MX11500 Desktop High-Volume Pressure Sealer

    • Form Size: Depth - Up to 14"/ Width - Up to 9"
    • Input Tray: Auto-lift Elevator Feed Table Holds 700 28# Forms
    • Speed: Variable Speed Up To 12,000 Forms Per Hour
    • Fold Setting: Easy Manual Slide Bars Set In Seconds
    Part #: MX11500


  7. Paitec IM8500 In-line Pressure Sealer

    • Feeder Capacity: Up to 700 Sheets In Standalone Mode
    • Speed: Printer Dependent. Up To 7,000 Standalone
    • Fold Type: Z, EZ, C, EC, V, & Double Parallel
    • Duty Cycle: 125,000 Forms Per Month
    Part #: IM8500


  8. Paitec IM17100 High Volume Inline Pressure Sealer

    • Form Size: 11" Or 14" Length. Feeds On 8 1/2" Side
    • ability to integrate with a variety of high volume printers
    • Fold Types: Z, EZ, V, C, Custom
    • Can also be used as an offline stand-alone use with a 1,400 sheet table capacity
    Part #: IM17100


  9. Paitec MX17000 Heavy Duty Desktop Pressure Sealer and Folder

    • Form Size: Depth - Up to 14"/ Width - Up to 9"
    • Input Tray: Up to 1,400 Pressure Seal Forms
    • Speed: Up to 17,000 Per Hour
    • Fold Setting: Quick Set Manual
    Part #: MX17000


  10. Paitec IM4500 Mid-Volume In-Line Pressure Sealer

    • Automatic Double Feed Diverter System.
    • Integrates With A Variety of Printers.
    • Manual Feeder for Pre-Folded Items.
    • Folding Unit Slides Out For Easy Maintenance.
    Part #: PIM4500


  11. Paitec IM3100 Low-Volume Pressure Sealer

    • Ready-To-Use Turnkey Print And Mail Solution Using Popular Desktop Laser Printers.
    • Easily Print Personalized Variable Data Mailers For Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns And For Important Announcements.
    • Great For Printing Your Invoices, Statements, And Other Transactional Documents With Colorful Ads And Messages.
    • Features Double Detection Technology For Enhanced Document Security.
    Part #: PIM3100


11 Items

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