Coverbind CPB2SGP Open Tank PUR Perfect Binder with Side Gluing
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Coverbind CPB2SGP Open Tank PUR Perfect Binder with Side Gluing

Part #: 04TPTC5500PUR
Brand: Coverbind
  • Automated binding efficiency
  • Bind up to 360 books per hour
  • Bind books up to 2.25” thick
  • Ideal for in-plant and on-demand print shops
  • Limited 90 Day Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Price Match Guarantee
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Product Description

Experience the convenience and efficiency of premium soft cover book binding with the Coverbind CPB2SGP Open Tank PUR Perfect Binder. Whether you're looking to bind novels, manuals, or more, this perfect binder is designed to cater to your needs. What sets it apart is its cost-effectiveness – you can operate it without breaking the bank. From short runs with just a couple of books to handling large jobs with thousands of copies, this perfect binder is your versatile solution. Take your print shop, in-plant printer, on-demand printer, or bindery to new heights of productivity and ease with the Coverbind CPB2SGP Open Tank PUR Perfect Binding Machine.

The Coverbind CPB2SGP Open Tank PUR Perfect Binder is an entry-level yet powerful PUR binding machine that utilizes an open tank mechanism with with special Teflon coated PUR Pot. The Teflon PUR pot avoids glue sticking in pot and is easy to remove. The PUR Pot is also a unique feature for reducing waste of PUR glue and ideal to on-demand booklets and short time run jobs.

Easily create professionally bound perfect back books with Coverbind CPB2SGPPUR Perfect Binding Machine. It is equipped with user-friendly controls with an LCD display for swift setup and operation. It can produce up to 350 books per hour, and you can customize settings for book height, block size, cover stock, and more. You also have the option to adjust the angle and spin position for added versatility. This fully automated perfect binding system offers automatic/pneumatic clamping, specialized nipping, and essential glue coverage, ensuring a secure and flexible bind for your books.

Product Details

  • Tailored for the precise application of PUR glue. This unique PUR Glue Pot features a Teflon coating, ensuring effortless removal of any residual adhesive left in the container.
  • Perfect for short-run projects requiring PUR adhesive. Our specialized PUR glue pot is engineered to minimize the consumption of PUR glue, making it the ideal choice for short-run booklet production, including photo books, high-value catalogs, and more.
  • Rapid Binding Capability. Achieve binding speeds of up to 360 books per hour, with the output depending on the book's specifications and the operator's proficiency.
  • Streamlined Machine Control. With the uncomplicated control panel, you can swiftly tailor the machine to match your specific job requirements.
  • Pneumatic-Powered Clamping Automation. The clamping mechanism, driven by pneumatic power, automatically adapts to book block thicknesses of up to 2-1/4 inches.
  • Achieving Perfect Glue Penetration. The combination of milling and robust notching pins guarantees the highest level of glue penetration, resulting in exceptional book strength.
  • Tailored Nipping Capability. Customize the nipper for creating perfectly square-backed books with adjustable height and dwell times of up to 8 seconds.
  • Enhanced Binding Strength. The application of side gluing on both the rear and front of the spine results in exceptional finishing and greater binding strength.
  • Complete Glue Saturation. Gluing rollers ensure thorough saturation, while additional rollers smooth the glue to achieve the ideal glue thickness.
  • Effortless Book Thickness Adjustment. Tailoring the thickness to match your actual books is a breeze with a user-friendly dial that moves left and right.
  • Effective Dust Extraction. Dust generated during spine milling is efficiently drawn into the vacuum dust bag, ensuring a clean working environment and reduced airborne paper dust.

Item Specifications

  • Maximum Speed: Up to 360 books/hour
  • Maximum Book Thickness: 2.25" (57mm)
  • Maximum Cover Size: 13.4" x 30.75" (34 x 78cm)
  • Maximum Spine Length: 12.5" (32cm)
  • Compatible Adhesive for Side Glue Tanks:
  • Book Block Size: 12.5" x 8.7" (32cm x 22cm)
  • Display: LCD Screen
  • Clamp: Automatic/Pneumatic
  • Roughing Blade: Milling & 2 Heavy Duty Notching Pins
  • Rollers: 2 Glue, 1 Metering, Side Glue Tank
  • Dimensions (L X W X H): 70-1/2"L x 33 W X 50" H
  • Weight: 685 lbs.
  • Electrical: 220V, 60Hz, 15 amps, single phase (plug not included)

Features and Benefits

Max Speed Up to 360 books/hour Up to 360 books/hour Up to 360 books/hour Cycle speed is dependent on operator capabilities.
Max Book Thickness 2.25" 2.25" 1.750"
Max Cover Size 13.4" x 30.75" 13.4" x 30.75" 13.4" x 30.75" All machines have same Max size.
Book Block Size (Max) 12.5" spine x 8.7" 12.5" spine x 8.7" 12.5" spine x 8.7" (Actual unbound book height can be higher, call for info)
Book Block Size (Min) 4" spine x 3-3/4" 4" spine x 3-3/4" 4" spine x 3-3/4" All machines have same Min size.
Clamp Automatic/Pneumatic Automatic/Pneumatic Automatic/Pneumatic All have Automatic Clamp.
Roughing/Milling Blade Milling and 2 Heavy Duty Notching Pins Milling and 2 Heavy Duty Notching Pins Milling and 2 Heavy Duty Notching Pins Roughing/Milling Blade gives the spine more surface area for the glue to adhere on. Model CPB2SG, CPB2GP, and CPB3GCFC are equipped with Roughing/Milling Blade. This procedure makes it easier when working with coated paper and other types of paper stock that need more glue saturation.
Glue Rollers 2 Glue, 1 Metering PUR, 1 Side Glue Tank EVA 2 Glue, 1 Metering, Side Glue Tank 2 Glue, 1 Metering, Side Glue Tank Glue rollers provide a foolproof bond from the 2 Glue Rollers and 1 Metering Roller. All models have the Side Glue Tank with 2 applicator rollers. A stonger bond is made with the side glue when the cover is nipped. This creates strong adhesion of the cover to the book block on both the spine and front/back. A built in heat control ensure that the temperature is always optimal.
Vacuum Waste Removal System Yes Yes Yes Having a Vacuum Waste Removal System helps keep the machine in optimal operating performance. The system collects dust that would otherwise end up inside the machine and glue. Without the vacuum system, paper dust produced from the roughening and notching process will accumulate and will cause future issues and damaged.
Safety Hood Yes with fans to vent the PUR vapor. Yes Yes Protecting operators from accidents is the Safety Hood. This feature prevents access to the glue pots. It is only bypassed when a security key is inserted. The function is convenient when the book block height exceeds the opening of the safety cover. It also provides access in troubleshooting the machine. To make sure that no accidents happen, a clamp safety sensor runs the entire length of the clamp.
Clamp Safety Sensor Yes Yes Yes Clamp Safety Sensors run the entire length of the book clamp to restrict access during operation. This prevent accidents that happend from contact with the binding parts.
Book & Cover Sensors Yes Yes Yes The Book and Cover Sensor makes sure that outputs are always complete. The sensor alerts the operator when a book or cover is missing. The binder will not operate when one of these components is missing.
Stand Included Included Included All machines come with stand to optimize its function and productivity as it provides the perfect working height, proper balance, and stability. The stand will create a cohesive workstation as it provides space for the compressor and glue storage.
Air Compressor Yes Yes Yes The binder takes advantage of Pneumatic control. It offers convenience and speed with its auto adjust functions for book block size. Eash machine comes with Quite Noise Compressor.
Fume Extractor Yes Yes (Avaiable) Yes (Avaiable) Creates a smell and odor-free work place with the Fume Extractor. The extractor traps fumes from the glue pot and directs away from the operator. Hooking the extractor to an external vent keeps the fume out of the workplace for operator safety.
Automatic Cover Creaser No No Yes The Automatic Cover Creaser eliminates the possibility of cracking in the folded site especially when working with digitally printed media. This feature maintains the aesthetic of the print and elevates the quality of the final product. Having this built in feature eliminates the need for an additional process on a separate machine, saving you time and money.
Creasing Bar No No Yes The Creasing Bar gives operators sevaral creasing depth options. It can be rotated in four directions to select the perfect crease depth for every unique project.
Automatic Cover Feeder No No Yes Improving the workflow and operator convenience is the Automatic Cover Feeder. It utilizes embedded sensors to automatically feed the cover into position when the binder is ready. The sensors also detect double feeding and and missing covers, ensuring that every output is perfect and complete.
Main Differences PUR Glue EVA Glue EVA Glue We offer Perfect Binders that utilize EVA or PUR glue. EVA glue is reusable, dries quickly and can be used on many different paper types. The glue also has a longer self life and can be reheated. PUR has a much greater bond to the paper, about 50%. It also has a greater stability in hot or cold temperatures like some EVA glues do. It is fully resistent to print ink and coated paper stock. PUR has a very short shelf life and unused glue must be vaccuum sealed for storage. Left over glue in pot can not be reheated/reused. PUR is more flexable that EVA but takes longer to cure. Each glue has it place in making Perfect Bind Books.

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