Coverbind Standard Perfect Bind Adhesive
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Coverbind Standard Perfect Bind Adhesive

Brand: Coverbind
  • Coverbind Standard Perfect Bind Adhesive
  • Lower EVA Adhesive for Non-Coated Stock & Padding
  • Compatible with Coverbind CPB1 & CPB2SG Perfect Binders
  • Choose from 5 lb. or 30 lb. bag
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Coverbind Standard Perfect Bind Adhesive – 5 lb. Bag 05TPCBPB416C
Coverbind Standard Perfect Bind Adhesive – 30 lb. Bag 05TPCBPB416CBX

Product Description

Get the best perfect binding glue for your non-coated softcover paperback novels, notepads, manuals, and much more with Coverbind. This standard perfect bind adhesive offers a strong but flexible hold to ensure a long-lasting finish. It features a lower EVA content than our premium glue, making it the ideal choice for padding applications or perfect binding with non-coated stocks. Packaged in a 5 or 30 lb. bag, this binding glue is compatible with the CPB1 or CPB2SG perfect binders.

Product Details

  • Lower EVA – Less aggressive adhesive is perfect for padding- or perfect binding with non-coated pages.
  • Strong Bind – Pages are locked into the spine for premium quality strength that can withstand heavy use.
  • Flexible Finish – Flexibility retention makes page-turning easy and doesn’t harm the integrity of the glue as it moves.
  • Multi-Compatibility – Compatible with all Coverbind Perfect Binding Machines, including the CPB1, CPB2, and CPB2SG.
  • Size Options – Choose from either a small 5 lb. bag or a large 30 lb. box to keep you stocked up for short- and large-run binding jobs.

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Item Specifications

  • Compatible Equipment:
  • Size: Choose from 5 lb. bag or 30 lb. bag
  • Adhesive: Standard
  • Color: Light Yellow
  • Running Temperature: 260-290°F
  • Application Temperature: 275°F and +/- 15°F
  • Applicator: 275°F Premelter
  • Softening Point (Approximate): 156°F Mettler
  • Form: Mini Slats
  • Pounds per Gallon (Approximate): 8.2 lbs./gal
  • Adhesive Type: EVA Hot-Melt
  • Odor: Low-Odor
  • Viscosity (Approximate): 1550 cps @ 350°F. 2250 cps @ 325°F. 3350 cps @ 300°F. 5250 cps @ 275°F. 8900 cps @ 250°F. 16000 cps @ 225°F. 31225 cps @ 200°F
  • Applications: Padding, Perfect Binding (Non-Coated Stock)
  • Certifications: N/A
  • Shipping Method: UPS

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