Book Trimmers

Finding a good book trimmer you can use reliably for years is easy with MyBinding. This selection of book trimmers covers virtually any requirement you may have. Take a look at the products listed below to find the right one for your business or organization. Whether you want to produce booklets or books to a high standard, you’ll find a range of designs to choose from. Here you can find a booklet trimmer that can process 33 booklets, manuals, and documents per minute. If you have the MBM Sprint 3000 or Sprint 5000 booklet maker, then the MBM Trimmer is a must-have, as it automatically trims, folds, and evens out edges to create perfect booklets. Finally, the state of the art Challenge book trimmers can process up to 400 books per hour, with that number going to over 900 with the multiple-book feature.

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