MBM Sprint 5000 Booklet Maker
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MBM Sprint 5000 Booklet Maker

Part #: MB-5000
Brand: MBM
  • Speed: 1,500 sets/hr
  • Sheet Capacity: 22
  • Paper Size: 5 1/2" x 8" to 11 1/2" to 17 1/2"
  • Warranty: 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty, excluding wearables
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Product Description

The MBM Sprint 5000 jogs, staples, and folds in one simple operation. The Sprint 5000 is easy to set up and can be used in conjunction with the FC 10 collator and face trimmer. The Sprint 5000 is capable of variable speeds and producing booklets up to 88 pages thick, all with quick and easy set up. The Sprint 5000 has 2 staple heads that can be positioned in 5 spots, powered exit conveyor, transparent safety access cover (so the machine will not operate with the cover open), auto-stop and signal when the high-capacity 5,000 staple cartridge is empty, and is mounted on heavy duty casters for easy manuverability. The MBM Sprint 5000 is ideal for high end, large volume booklet production.

Product Details

  • Jogs, staples, and folds in one operation
  • Quick and easy set-up and adjustment
  • Variable speed
  • Produces booklets up to 88 pages (off-line)*
  • On-line saddle, corner, and side stapling capability
  • “Fold only” capability
  • Heavy-duty staple clinchers produce “flat-finish” staples
  • Stapling heads, 5 stapling positions
  • Uses high-capacity, 5,000-staple cartridges
  • Auto-stop and signal when staple cartridge is empty
  • Powered exit conveyor
  • Transparent safety access cover—machine will not operate with cover in open position
  • Mounted on heavy-duty casters
  • Interfaces with wide range of collators including the MBM FC 10
  • Optional face trimmer

Item Specifications

  • Speed: 1,500 sets/hr
  • Sheet Capacity: 22
  • Paper Size: 5 1/2" x 8" to 11 1/2" to 17 1/2"
  • Power Supply: 115v, 60Hz
  • Actual Machine Weight : 275
  • Shipping Length : 31
  • Shipping Width: 40
  • Shipping Height: 51
  • Shipping (Web) Weight: 280 lbs
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 1-year limited Manufacturer's Warranty, excluding wearables

Staff Review

MBM Sprint 5000 Booklet Maker Review

Making booklets by hand can be very time-consuming, especially if you need to produce a lot of them. However, you can eliminate the time and hassle associated with this task by purchasing a booklet maker such as the MBM Sprint 5000. Here's what this device can do, as well as what kind of grade it gets.

  • The Sprint 5000 is the machine you want to use when you need to create a lot of booklets in very little time. This device can crank out as many as 1,500 of them per hour. That's 25 per minute. It would take you a long time to make that many booklets by hand, that's for sure.

  • When you use this device, your booklets can contain up to 88 pages. (The machine's feed tray can hold as many as 22 sheets of paper.) You can use paper that ranges in size from 5.5" x 8" (half-letter) to 11.5" x 17.5" (just slightly larger than tabloid size). Being able to use so many different sizes of paper ensure that you can get creative when writing and designing your documents.

  • The Sprint 5000's two staple heads can be position in 5 different locations so you can get the best binding possible. You'll want to change the positioning of the staple heads when working with a new size of paper. Also, this device can do side, corner, and saddle stapling. The machine can handle cartridges containing 5,000 staples and it will shut down automatically when the supply has been exhausted.

  • Using this machine is easy and it's also safe. The device has a safety access cover that prevents it from operating when the cover is open. The cover is transparent so you'll be able to keep tabs on what the machine is doing.

  • The Sprint 5000 has a powered exit conveyor so that your documents will be neatly stacked as they come out of the machine.

  • There's an optional face trimmer you can buy for this device if you need a way to trim your documents after they've been stapled.

  • This is a pretty big booklet maker with dimensions of 23" (depth) x 46" (width) x 36" (height). However, there are casters on the bottom of the device so you can easily move it aside when it's not in use.

  • Finally, the Sprint 5000 is backed by a three-year warranty. Unfortunately, the warranty doesn't cover the device's wearables.

Final grade: A-. The MBM Sprint 5000 would be an excellent choice if your business or organization needs a booklet maker. This machine's output capability is truly astounding. (How many other devices can produce 1,500 documents in one hour?) It's great that this device can handle different sizes of paper and that your booklets can be up to 88 pages long. Changing around the staple heads' positions will allow you to get a strong binding and all of your documents will be stacked when they've been processed. The safety access cover will keep you safe and ensures a pleasant experience. All in all, the Sprint 5000 is a first-rate booklet maker that deserves to be in your workplace. Get it today.

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