DFG P9000 Speedy Punch
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DFG P9000 Speedy Punch

Part #: P9000
Brand: DFG
  • Punching Capacity: 30 sheets (20#) per punch
  • Punch Length: Any Length thanks to the fully disengagement pins and open throat design
  • Disengagement Pins: Full set
  • Built-in "PAPER EJECTION"
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Product Description

This DFG P9000 Speedy Punch is the world's first and only, tabletop, all-in-one punch with paper ejection and stacking device. Its innovative design allows for all punching requirements to be completed in one compact, space-saving unit. Its built-in, automatic, "Paper Ejection" system increases punch productivity by 50%. Its interchangeable die design contributes to increased productivity through less than a two minute die change - every time- only 4 screws and requiring no tools. Strong die lock mechanisms prevent damage due to movement inside the machine. This DFG P9000 Speedy Punch has all metal design and no internal plastic structure parts.

Product Details

  • Increases productivity 50% -60%Thanks to the auto ejection system
  • Punch sheet sizes from 2" to 23" easily. Fully dis-engage punch pins without removing punch die
  • Larger, heavier and stronger Thickest solid side plates. Weight 120 lbs (without ejection receiving tray)
  • Gearbox virtually lasts a life time Special anti-punch impact designed gear box
  • Long lasting electrical control Electrical parts will never over heat
  • No motor brush replacement or maintenance needed
  • Will not interrupt work flow Can clear jam outside the punch without manually rotating motor shaft. Auto reverse and semi auto reverse is standard
  • Auto ejection function can turn off for odd paper size
  • No internal plastic slider parts used High strength Gear-rack mechanism used to replace aluminum-plastic slide mechanism
  • All metal design no internal plastic parts used
  • Successfully eliminates punch jam and parts damage from packed chip tray Thanks to overflow protection design
  • Strong die lock mechanism prevents die damage due to die movement inside the machine. Dies are secured in place by 4 screws. No tools needed.
  • Better die life Felt type grease die lubrication (not oil type lubrication)

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Item Specifications

  • Punching Capacity: 30 sheets (20#) per punch
  • Punch Length: Any Length thanks to the fully disengagement pins and open throat design
  • Weight: Net: 145lbs Gross: 185lbs (with wooden packaging)
  • Dimensions:
    18" (w) x 21 1/2" (d) x 13" (h) - without paper receiving
    33" (w) x 21 1/2" (d) x 12" (h) - with paper receiving
  • Disengagement Pins: Full set
  • Power Supplier:
    110 VAC, 5 amps, 50/60Hz, 500 watts or
    220 VAC, 3 amps, 50/60Hz, 500 watts
  • Warranty: One year limited
  • Part Number: P9000

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