Framing Point Drivers
Complete your framing tools with framing point drivers. These tools allow users to drive inserts used in picture framing for secure glazing, mounted art, and backing material into wood frame moulding. Check out tools that accommodate inserts that you usually use or get one that allows working with several different inserts. Also available in the selection of pneumatic point drivers that are used with air compressors. Get one and start making frames that are always on point!

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  1. Logan F500-4 Air-Matic Dual Drive Point Driver

    • Designed to quickly drive either rigid or flexible points pneumatically using a common air compressor at 52 psi.
    • Used in picture framing for securing glazing, mounted art and backing material into wood frame moulding.
    • Fast repeat firing for high production framing.
    • Approximately 300 point magazine capacity.
    Part #: F500-4


  2. Logan F500-2 Picture Framing Dual Drive Elite

    • Works with rigid AND flex point inserts.
    • Easily secure glass & artwork into wood frame.
    • Working like a common staple gun.
    • Drives either rigid or flexible inserts.
    Part #: LGNF500-2


  3. Logan F400-1 Picture Framing Fitting Tool

    • Unique rotating head design drives four different inserts.
    • No slipping or bending.
    • Drives inserts into moulding up to 2 1/2" (6cm).
    • Uses inserts F9, F10, F11 and standard brad nails.
    Part #: LGNF400-1


3 Items

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