Framing Point Drivers

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  1. Logan F400-1 Picture Framing Fitting Tool

    • Unique rotating head design drives four different inserts.
    • No slipping or bending.
    • Drives inserts into moulding up to 2 1/2" (6cm).
    • Uses inserts F9, F10, F11 and standard brad nails.
    Part #: LGNF400-1


  2. Logan F500-2 Picture Framing Dual Drive Elite

    • Works with rigid AND flex point inserts.
    • Easily secure glass & artwork into wood frame.
    • Working like a common staple gun.
    • Drives either rigid or flexible inserts.
    Part #: LGNF500-2


  3. Logan F500-4 Air-Matic Dual Drive Point Driver

    • Designed to quickly drive either rigid or flexible points pneumatically using a common air compressor at 52 psi.
    • Used in picture framing for securing glazing, mounted art and backing material into wood frame moulding.
    • Fast repeat firing for high production framing.
    • Approximately 300 point magazine capacity.
    Part #: F500-4


  4. Fletcher-Terry FrameMaster Point Driver - 07-500

    • Professional quality used to permanently hold glass, art work, and backing materials securely in place.
    • Fires perfectly flat into frame.
    • Precision firing, no jamming or double feeding.
    • Spring-adjusted firing power to match wood density.
    Part #: 07-500


  5. Fletcher-Terry Pneumatic FrameMaster Point Driver - 07-300

    • Fires tight and flat to the surface providing superior holding power.
    • Used with Framer’s Points in stacks of 250 and Flexible Framer points in stacks of 425.
    • No "pull-back" required; slide point driver along moulding for continued firing.
    • Ergonomically designed trigger eliminates hand fatigue.
    Part #: 07-300


5 Items

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